Madeleine – Luz Tour 1 – Part 1

The first part the inaugural tour of Luz has now ended, and I am now having a rest.

We spent 4 to 4.5 hours going round most of the sites involved in the Madeleine case, with a short stop off for a look at the Roman ruins, and a fairly extended discussion of the case at the beach front Lazuli café/bar.

That included a look at the logistics of the Smith sighting, and a debate about where Smithman went next

The main items outstanding are actually quite few. My guest wants a look at the June 2014 OG dig in central Luz, and having looked at the Smith sighting in daylight, a return visit some time after dark to nail what the Smiths could and could not see is outstanding.

Although there was a fair bit of walking, and much of Luz can only be described as hilly, I seem to have survived today’s exercise in good shape.

My visitor is made of sterner stuff than me, having had a dip in the pool before we met up! I won’t be in the pool until at least the beginning of May, and probably later, given the weather has been less than brilliant over the winter.

I would now estimate the whole lot could be done in around 5 hours, albeit that involves a considerable amount of walking.

The only thing I did not foresee is that the entire Tapas area appears to be closed at this time of the year, so trying out a meal there is a non-starter.

Luz coat of arms


3 thoughts on “Madeleine – Luz Tour 1 – Part 1

  1. Hi Sil,

    Good job! I think the dig in Central Luz were based on satellite photos, the last SY have got, taken before the abduction, and the first ones they have got, taken after the abduction, and searching for differences.

    Also it seems there is a statement by someone who saw a man with a child entering the small hill to the West of Luz …

    I have sent you an email.

    Cheers, Heri.

    • I don’t charge. For me, it is simply the opportunity to discuss the case with someone who is interested in it.

      I don’t arrange accommodation. We have a contact in Estrela da Luz with a family-sized flat who does reasonable prices out of season.

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