Madeleine – OG tour – March 2016

My visitor to Luz is scheduled to turn up here on 8th March 2016. The primary reason is for better weather, so I’ll look at that in a moment. On the Madeleine front, the quest is for what OG should see, plus a look at where OG carried out the June 2014 dig. This is a repeat visit to Luz, so I’m not sure what has already been seen.

The following is an OG tour, from scratch, but there is quite a lot here, and it will, of course, be up to my visitor to pick and choose. In some cases, one visit ticks off more than one item, so there are less visits than there are items on the list.


Block 4/5, Tapas area.

Smithman – Primary school street, under appropriate lighting.

Smithman – Kelly’s bar.

OG Luz June 2014 dig.

Smith sighting – from there to south of the church, with a look at the storm drain outlet.


Rear of block 4/5/6.

Short and long routes from 5A to Ocean Club 24hr reception.

Mobile phone masts at 2 Rua Primeiro de Maio and water tower. TMN, Vodafone and Optimus.

Luz Social Club

Paraíso and beach front


Tapas restaurant



Estrela da Luz.

Rua Helena/Commercial Centre


The forecast for Lagos during the visit is that it will be 100% sunny throughout. I’ve checked the forecast before (predicted v actual) and it is normally pretty accurate.

If so, there is obviously going to be a bit of contention between tramping the streets of Luz and soaking up some early 2016 sun.


This has nothing to do with an OG-type tour, and nothing to do with the weather in Luz in March 2016. I tried to go out for a meal in the evening in Feb 2016, and my choices were limited by the number of places taking an extended winter break. I need to do a quick survey of Luz to see if those places have opened up again for the very earliest part of the season.

This means my visitor can avoid the rather frustrating hack around Luz that I had in Feb 2016, which was far from fun. Though it did result in a very enjoyable evening in Paulo’s.

Always look on the bright side of life.


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