Madeleine – Last Photo – weather

I have been chewing over the provenance of the crucial weather chart provided in Richard Hall’s video “When Madeleine Died?” with little success. Then I turned my attention to a completely different aspect of the case, and what popped up? The provenance of Mr Hall’s crucial weather chart.

Mr Hall, in his video, ascribed the chart to a diary kept by an ex-pat, ex-RAF man who lived in Luz.

I cannot comment on ex-pat or ex-RAF, but I can comment on the parts ‘diary’ and ‘Luz’.

The source appears to be a person living on Rua Praia da Luz (the beach road), so definitely someone who lived in Luz and still appears to be living in Luz. The relevant Internet site is still working.

Now let me turn to ‘diary’. This was one of the major faux pas in Mr Hall’s video. The weather chart is obviously continuous 24 hours a day. The source could not possibly be a diary. It has to come from a weather station that logs 24hrs per day.

So where is the weather station? Is it in Luz? Please decide for yourself.

The graphics following are 1) the weather chart from Mr Hall’s video and 2) the weather chart from a person in Luz who was (and is) recording the data provided by the weather station in Faro. Please judge for yourself whether the source is located within Luz, or the weather station is at Faro.

WMD Weather May 2007

Faro weather May 2007

Faro airport is 42 miles east of Luz. The Faro charts record the wind as blowing, very roughly speaking, from Luz towards Faro. This means the Faro chart is pretty much useless as an indicator of the Luz weather on 3 May 2007.

There is one little sliver of information in the Faro chart. It gives a much more detailed breakdown of the wind direction and speed. Think whooshing curtains and Portuguese sniffer dogs.

But caveat emptor. Just as the overall prediction of the Luz weather based on conditions at Faro is poor, so must the wind conditions be treated with extreme caution.


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