Madeleine – The Last Photo – time #2

What time of day was The Last Photo taken? Not the date, but the time of the day.

I have now found an app that shows you where the sun was at any given location, on any given time. It probably also works for the future, but I haven’t had time to test that yet.

The date of The Last Photo. It was around 29 April 2007 to 3 May. So far, I simply cannot narrow the date down.

So let me try something simpler, which is calculating the time of The Last Photo. All I need is a sun calculator. Luckily. SunCalc is here to do everything that is needed.

What you plug into SunCalc is a precise location, then a precise date and time, and SunCalc shows you where the sun was at that date and time and at that location. Simple!

So, plug in the precise location of the children’s pool. Plug in 1:29pm on 3 May 2007 and here is what you get.

Luz 1329 3 May 2007

Then, plug in the same precise location, the children’s pool, at 2:29 on 3 May 2007, and here is what you get.Luz 1429 3 May 2007

Make up your own mind about what you see, and what conclusion you reach.

For me, The Last Photo is consistent with 1.29pm. It is inconsistent with 2:29pm.

Let me repeat. I cannot nail the date from sun patterns. The difference between 29 April 2007 and 3 May is so small that I cannot establish a true date from the position of the sun.

I can however assert with a degree of confidence that the time of day of The Final Photo was 1:29pm, not 2:29 as the media widely reported at the time.


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