Luz – happy 18th

There was an 18th birthday on Saturday 27 Feb 2016 for a friend of our family. I got advance notification of this, but I have been under a strict press embargo until now. Event first, news of event later.

The young lady in question shall remain nameless, at least on my blog. It is up to her whether she chooses to publicise her details or not.

I can release some background information. This 18th birthday celebrant is a keen footballer, and she has played to a fairly high standard so far. She has played in a team within the city of Liverpool. She is currently with an academy in Badajoz in Spain. In September, she is going to Atlanta in the USA for 4 months.

Now on to the family connection. Our granddaughter was a bit of a tom-boy who liked to play football. Recently, she has taken to baking cakes and making puddings. She is the one who is the best friend of the football player.

So … if you are good at making cakes … and your best friend is turning 18 … and your best friend is a keen footballer … what do you do for her?

Here is the home-made answer. It seems our footballer likes chocolate cake with coffee, which is what this delicacy was inside, just decorated with …



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