Madeleine v the weather

At the moment, I am trying to find out the best source for the weather in Luz, on 3 May 2007, the day that Madeleine disappeared.

The trigger was “When Madeleine Died”, a YouTube documentary by Richard D Hall, posted a few days ago.

Mr Hall’s theory appears to be that a photograph commonly known as The Last Photograph did not come from 3 May 2007, but instead was earlier in the holiday. I say appears to be, because at this moment in time I am about 2.5 hours through a 4 hour video of his.

AFAIK, the nearest official weather station to Luz is in Faro, around 40 miles away. If this is correct, I can get general details about the weather in Luz on 3 May, but not precise details.

25 Oct 2007. PJ Inspector Joâo Carlos. To the Institute of Meteorology in Lisbon. The following questions were asked –

1. Time of sunset.

2. Direction and intensity of wind.

3. Cloudiness.

4. Rainfall

5. Daytime and nocturnal temperature.

6. Environmental humidity.

7. State of the sea.

Basically, this request was not implemented, so I do not know what the answer is. Specifically, I do not know whether the nearest weather conditions that can be tracked down are in Faro, or whether there is something closer.

Enter Mr Hall and his YouTube video. At 13:20secs into , Mr Hall provides us with a perfect source for the weather in Luz that week. The weather was as in the following chart.

WMD Weather May 2007

Mr Hall attributes this to an ex-pat from the RAF who kept a diary about the weather.

Mr Hall appears to be interested in the weather as to the question of when The Last Photo was taken. I happen to be interested in the weather on 3 and 4 May to help me understand whether the dogs brought in by the Portuguese police tell me anything.

As of this moment, I cannot find out anything more about Mr Hall’s weather chart, or about the source he has attributed this to. It is still early days on this challenge.


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