Madeleine v Ghouls Tour

The idea of ghouls tour of Luz was raised on a forum I frequent. I have no belief this was other than in tongue-in-cheek. I certainly don’t think it was malevolent, so I will credit it to a bit of banter.

My first thought was simple. I just could not make a ghouls tour of Luz fly. Then the idea began to intrigue me. How does one make a ghouls tour of Luz actually work?

The solution is cheap and cheerful. It comes out of the best penny dreadfuls in Victorian era. You do not bother about the truth. Or the facts. You simply go for the thrill value.

So here is my starter idea for a ghouls tour of Luz. It is based mainly on my red herrings folder, but please do not let that put you off.

There has to be a visit to 5A, and a rework of the Tannerman sighting. That must be a must.

The Smithman sighting must be on the list of top ten entertainment opportunities. How could it not be?

After that, the cupboard appears to be running a bit bare. Now it is time to rummage around in some red herrings.

OK, 27 Rua das Flores. Jolly good story. Madeleine is, or was, buried there. An extra bit dug in the garden that the owner and gardener struggle to explain. Time to go and peek?

The very same story retold. Madeleine is, or was, buried in Urbanisation Melody. I lived there for a couple of months. Please come with me on this ghouls tour while I point out the local features that suggest this story is tripe.

Madeleine is in the Barragem … I am all in favour, of a posh, old-fashioned picnic, so I will be happy to do the honours on this leg. It could be a very pleasant day out.

Madeleine got stored on the beach, or on the rocks. This ghoulish tour involves you coming out at daytime, when you can see clearly. Then you have to do it again after dark. Around closing time when the light comes from restaurants that are still open.

Or Madeleine got dumped in a local rubbish bin. This ghoulish tour is smelly, and please bring hand wipes. We need to trawl through some places that will assault your nostrils, and don’t worry too much about the gulls on the Algarve. I think they are fairly placid. I think.

How could I miss out an evening in the Tapas Restaurant? Even though the Tapas Restaurant has gone and been replaced.

I’m up to 8 ideas and struggling a bit now.

Bearing in mind the last idea, I did try recently try to have my first meal out at the ‘scandal in Chaplins location’, but we registered a fail, as it was closed for winter. I just wanted a hamburger. But maybe it should be on a ghouls tour list.

C’mon, there must be a number 10?

Of course there is. We could visit the local church, where either Madeleine was put into someone else’s coffin to then be cremated. Or she was taken down through the tunnels under the church to be …

I suppose, at a push, with all the red herrings around, I could develop a ghouls tour with at least 20 points on the map. There must be at least 10 more red herrings in the Madeleine story, surely.

The difficulty is my brain is not into red herring stories, and my heart is not into this line of action.

I think it definitely can be done, 100%. It is not for me. I choose not to do it.


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