Madeleine v The Swan

If you understand English, you should understand the swan.

Serene and regal on top, but underneath its legs are paddling like … you get the picture.

From the outside, I guess it looks like little is happening on my blog at the moment. Underneath, those legs are going like the clappers.

Let me see. Some information that I posted elsewhere, not on my blog, intended to be restricted to a small, select audience, has been reposted in a public place for all to view.

I think this is the third time my material has been used by someone else, basically in an inappropriate manner.

The first time was early in the life of this blog. Someone I have never met or communicated with ripped off one of my posts, attributing it to ‘our man on the ground’. This was completely wrong, but as it was very early days, it was quite pleasing that someone was reading what I had written.

The second time was Textusa. A big slab of what I had written was picked up and republished there. I don’t have a problem with that. The point of publishing is to get the information out, surely. My contribution was … criticised. I don’t have a problem with that either. An awful lot of what I have learned about the case has been through correction, and someone coming up with a sharper idea, so having my posts subjected to scrutiny is something I am happy with. The bit I objected to was making my post an integral part of one of the Textusa weekly posts and not acknowledging the source.

This third time has a somewhat different flavour. I happened to chance upon some material vaguely related to the case. It was not digging, it simply arose. It was not central to the case, quite the opposite, it is entirely peripheral. I published this story on a forum, in an area that Google is not permitted to visit, and where one has to register to see. Guests don’t get a look in. The idea of the area is that it is behind closed doors, and what is in there should stay there. I made it clear in what I posted that this was my intent – it should not be disseminated on a public basis.

One of the members there is a leading light on a different forum. He decided to take my story and make it as public as he could on his favoured forum.

Now I have to think about what I publish, and where I publish it. There is more to the story than I published. The extra bit is interesting, and germane to the Madeleine McCann case. However, after this third episode, I have no intention of publishing it on the Internet.

What else is on the go at the moment? Quite a lot actually. I have clocked up the big five zero (liar, liar, pants on fire). I would like to give you a report from inside the Dolphin, but it seems it is still in its winter break.

Our house purchase has moved forward minutely. It seems most of our plot is indeed deemed to be agricultural, which restricts what can be done on it. It would appear we cannot put a pool on it, but for some reason the house does not have to be offered to the locals for first refusal. This is Portugal, and I was expecting nothing but confusion. And the survey has been done. Apart from a couple of patches of damp, all is in order. I am continuing to go through my boxes, and throw out stuff I haven’t looked at in years.

On the Madeleine front, I am pushing hard behind the scenes on a long term project. Even assuming it works out, it will not come to fruition in 2016, so it will not appear on the surface soon. But underneath the surface, the swan’s legs are paddling like …


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