Luz to Portelas move update 1

The situation on our house purchase is that our offer has been accepted by the bank. A survey has been done but we have yet to see the results. Barring issues with that, the main factor is the speed with which the bank moves on the deal. There isn’t a mortgage involved and the house is a repossession they should wish to get off their books, so hopefully things will not drag out.

Our solicitor has been working on the deal, and this being Portugal, the checks are somewhat alien to us. The solicitor had to find out if part of the plot was deemed ‘agricultural land’. If so, the bank would be required to write to all the villagers individually to give them first rights to buy the property at the price we have agreed. As it happens, though the plot backs on to agricultural land, it is not deemed to contain any agricultural land, even though there is a pig pen on it. So the only potential obstacle is the survey.

The plot is very long. At the rear, there is something that looks like a large patio. It turns out that it is the roof of a separate single story building, so we have more space than we thought.

How could we have missed it? Well the plot is overgrown, and seriously so. Neither of us had a peek at the building because the garden is more like a jungle, and access is very difficult. Hence we both thought it was simply a detached patio, a nice place for barbecues, rather than the roof of an outbuilding.

The physical move actually started yesterday, even though we have yet to purchase the place. We have started looking at the junk we have accumulated on our travels through Luz and throwing away things we do not wish to take with us. So the clear out has begun.

Oddly enough, around half of my stuff is still in cardboard boxes that we used when we moved into this villa. We had moved so often beforehand that it simply seemed like a lot of effort to unpack, given the number of times we have re-packed in the past.

Organisation of the move is also under way. Our son-in-law works for a tree surgeon company, and the guys have agreed to put the entire team on the property for a couple of days to transform the exterior from jungle to garden. In anticipation that this racket is not likely to make us popular with the neighbours, we are asking our solicitor to write a letter in Portuguese explaining what we are doing and that a garden rescue is a one-off operation.

My priority has to be the house move, so articles re Madeleine McCann will be less frequent until we are established in our new residence near to Portelas.

I have never owned a pig pen before. Hopefully this old dog can still learn some new tricks.

If you check the Luz webcams, you’ll see it’s ShiningInLuz. We’ve got 22°C in the shade and clear blue skies. Perhaps Spring has arrived.


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