Madeleine – attention to detail?

Things are a bit complicated at the moment. I have more info on the 74,000 phone calls and that needs to be picked up and advanced again. There are other elements that require attention to detail. But the issue just now is that there are major games afoot, so focus on detail is tough.

We are, hopefully, in the process of buying a property inland from Luz. This is a major change, in all sorts of ways. We will all be together again, in a not too new villa, and will have to get used to living on top of each other, in a hamlet that is very rustic. If that is not mega, I don’t know what is.

An interesting part of this development is that we (the fossils) should go back to the luxury of having one simple, double bedroom available for guests. A spare bedroom!

Now a simple, double bedroom in a rustic hamlet may or may not be attractive to visitors. I have family in Spain that I have not seen in years, and none of us are getting any younger.

We have managed to crack Luz. We know where and when you get the best deals and what they should cost. Outside of high season, it can be as cheap as chips.

So, you can have a posh apartment in Luz at a very affordable cost. Or a simple double bedroom, in a rustic hamlet, for free. Choices!

The second element in this equation is that quite shortly I shall be meeting a visitor from another country who is coming to Luz. I am looking forward to this visit. I think it will be very enjoyable. But it is also quite odd, is it not? We have never met. We have not spoken together. We have not exchanged any significant personal details.

The visit will be extremely interesting, and I hope it works out smoothly.

So at the moment I am a little distracted. I am already thinking through what we need to do when we relocate, and what junk can hit the discard pile right now. And what would be fun in the forthcoming visit. Would that not be some of the better dining experiences in and around Luz? Or some of the places connected with Madeleine’s disappearance? Those are straight-forward. At this point in time, I’m thinking about something significantly bigger, something which might or might not work.

Attention to detail will have to be put on hold for a while. Right now, the focus has to be the bigger picture.


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