Madeleine – we’re leaving Luz

Because the basic character of Luz is English, not Portuguese, and because renting two properties here is very expensive, it looks like we are all moving inland to a tiny hamlet near Portelas.

We have had a look at a property which has 7 bedrooms, and which is nearly split into two, with 4 beds upstairs, and almost separate, 3 beds downstairs. That means the fossils (us) can have the lower level, while the next generation, 2 adults and 4 kids have sufficient space upstairs.

The place is a bank repossession that has been standing empty for some time, so it needs a fair bit of sprucing up both inside and out. However, as it is a repossession, we can afford to buy it for a price much below market value and leave the expensive rents behind.

A potential fly in the ointment is timing. At the moment, the schedule is that we will become owners in the last week of February, though I have to say I have never seen anything as complex as a house purchase go through in that sort of time scale.

When it does go through, we intend to continue to rent here in Luz for a further month. That month will cover the sprucing up that needs to be done before we move, plus moving two households here into one up north.

Now, my first visitor is booked for early March, so if completion goes through in late February, there is a bit of a logistical clash, as I should be focussing on the move. As I said, I would be astonished to find that it does. But if it does it simply means I will have to do a bit of juggling on two fronts.

Portelas is on the N120, which basically runs from Lagos to Bensafrim and Aljezur.

You may be thinking that Portelas, Bensafrim and Aljezur sound familiar.

Aljezur is on the west coast of Portugal, and it seems to be a favourite for David Cameron for summer holidays. The only potential connection to the Madeleine McCann case is that a young boy disappeared some years previously, whilst walking on the beach with his parents.

Bensafrim appears in the Madeleine case on account of telephone signals that activated a mast or masts near Bensafrim. It should be remembered that the A22, the most direct route from Luz to Portimão and beyond, takes you close to Bensafrim.

That leaves Portelas. Portelas was the home of Euclides Monteiro aka Tractorman. The best fit I can get for the short digs on the final day of the Operation Grange exercise in Luz in June 2014 is Euclides Monteiro. If phone traffic suggests he was in Luz in the evening of 3rd May, then his route from Luz to Portelas would take him past the water treatment plant to the east of Luz. That plant is very close to the final digs, and Monteiro is supposed to have worked in water treatment after his stint in the Ocean Club.

It looks like I need to do an article on Euclides Monteiro to gather the facts in one place.

The potential house move does mean that I need to re-jig some of the priorities I covered in an earlier post, as I won’t be doing a lot of Foot Luz work after the relocation.


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