Madeleine – Luz tour – woke and wandered

Without describing all of the elements of a woke and wandered theorem, let me see if I can list the key locations of Luz if woke and wandered is considered as a viable option.

First, blood was tested at Quinta dos Figos a few days after Madeleine’s disappearance and it was found to be human. After that, the blood disappeared from the evidence chain, so it may or may not belong to Madeleine. Since Quinta dos Figos is steeply uphill from apartment 5A, in a direction Madeleine did not use, and around 570m away, it is an unlikely fit to woke and wandered.

Woke and wandered - Quinta dos Figos

Next, the area that Madeleine visited frequently, the Mini Club, was located above the Ocean Club 24 hour reception. Madeleine played there frequently, was looked after by adults, and was always picked up by her parents from there, so this is a better fit. It also happens to be downhill, often seen as more likely in a woke and wandered scenario.

Madeleine used two routes to get to and from the Ocean Club reception. One was a longer route used in the early part of the holiday. It ran from apartment 5A south down Rua Dr Martins, then along the east leg of Rua Teixeira, then up Rua Direita to the OC reception. This one has the advantage of being fairly well lit. The long route is around 350m.

Woke and wandered - OC long

The short route was used later in the holiday. While this has the advantage of being shorter, it is away from street lights. As Madeleine was seen by Gerry a little after 9pm, this would require that Madeleine took an unlit route after dark. There is more than one option for a shorter route, and the only thing I know about the path it took was that it involved the car park opposite the Tapas entrance. From that point there are multiple routes to get to the OC reception. The one I have drawn is around 300m, so the short route is only around 50m shorter than the long route.

Woke and wandered - OC short

The final place of interest in the woke and wandered theory is the ‘open manhole’ location at the north end of Rua Helena Nascimento Batista, even though statements from the workers on the civil improvements do not lend support to a manhole being left open that evening. The route slopes down continually from apartment 5A. There is nothing in the PJ Files or in Kate’s book ‘Madeleine’ to suggest that Madeleine was familiar with this route. This route happens to be around 200m.

Woke and wandered - manhole


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