ShiningInLuz – coming attractions

I have now managed to gain sufficient experience of Windows 10 and bash Microsoft Edge into shape to be able to stop learning Microsoft and return to more productive endeavours. So it is time to think about what is on the menu.

As a background task, I am cross-indexing Kate’s book ‘Madeleine’ in a way that helps me to look it up efficiently, as I use it as a major source. I doubt that this will lead to any articles on ShiningInLuz, but one never knows.

I also want to get on with the Foot Luz series of photographs of relevant bits of Luz that do not show well or at all on Google StreetView. Essentially, that will make available a complete virtual visit to Luz, for those who are not able to make the journey personally.

Quite shortly, the time limit runs out re the information sent to Operation Grange concerning lists and sources of phone numbers of a historic nature in Luz. If Operation Grange remains uncommunicative, it will then be time to pass the phone numbers and the methods of harvesting more to the McCanns. At that time I will publish a sample of such numbers on ShiningInLuz, and explain how these can be used to break down the traffic around the time of Madeleine’s disappearance.

Staying with the 74,000 phone calls, now that this has been translated I want to return to the analysis conducted by Inspector Paulo Dias, to see if anything worthwhile can be taken from it.

I want to start thinking about what a guided tour of Luz for someone with a fair degree of familiarity with the case would cover, and the best way of doing it. This will be required for my visitor to Luz in Spring 2016. It will also be required if Operation Grange is shelved and a new team is appointed, to get them up to speed more quickly.

Hopefully, I can expand the Luz In Aspic series, covering establishments that were open then but are now closed. On that front I need to update my map of Luz that shows the facilities open in the immediate hours around Madeleine’s disappearance, as I am aware of a few issues with the last one I published.

There are two further tracks I am looking at that might or might not bear fruit, and until they do, there is no point in publishing and further information. My success or otherwise in these areas is limited by the ban on investigating a crime in Portugal, restricting oneself to discussion only, since I have no intention of breaking the law.

I will simply say on both tracks that these could be pursued legally and fairly easily by a person or persons located outside of Portugal, a factor which may be important if Operation Grange is shelved and the McCanns return to action.

And as a final note self, I need to re-index all the statements as my current one isn’t working well enough, and that is obviously going to be an elephant task.


4 thoughts on “ShiningInLuz – coming attractions

  1. Happy New Year SIL! And well done, great job! I have made some plans, but am waiting for SY and/or Portuguese authorities to publish more info on the case. Surely you and me will exchange info this year … And maybe have a coffee in PdL …

  2. Happy New Year to you as well, Heri.

    Please give me a little advance notification so that I can sort out family duties etc., but when you get around to visiting Luz again, I will be most happy to meet you, to give a tour tailored to your requirements (if you wish) and to break bread with you.

    It looks like 2016 could be very interesting indeed.

    Best wishes from Luz.

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