ShiningInLuz is temporarily on hold

ShiningInLuz is temporarily on hold

I have been upgrading my operating system over the Xmas period. I was on Windows 8 at the start. Please don’t ask why. My life is too short and my blood pressure is too high.

Around the beginning of the festive period, I finally, after multiple failed attempts, managed to upgrade from Windows 8.0 to 8.1.

During Xmas, I decided to stick on 8.1. I have a strange idea. I like my computer to work. That’s why I bought it. I am not in favour of Microsoft (or anyone else) telling me when I am permitted to use my computer.

From there we go to the pop-ups. Microsoft Windows 10 is available for free. It’s quick to install. It’s easy.

Over Xmas I ignored the seductive sounds of the sirens. I had just about got to grips with Windows 8.1 and installed a brand new version of Internet Explorer.

Having enjoyed the festive season, I thought, why not, let’s upgrade to Windows 10. After all, it’s quick to install.

Whoever wrote that at Microsoft was having a laugh. It took me over two hours to download the software. On this point, I have no issue, as my download speed is whatever I get here. It’s fast enough for Skype. It’s fast enough for TV via Internet. It’s not optical, but it is what it is.

Then the update went through two more stages, each taking roughly two hours more. These were all dependent on simply how fast my PC could work, and had nothing to do with my Internet connection speed. Modern PC, working as fast as possible. So whoever said the update was quick was lying. It’s not. PC working at top speed versus 6 hours update is an out and out lie.

It was easy. If I had known that to be true I could have just kicked it off and let it run then cooked and tucked into a fried breakfast, enjoyed some time on our festive jigsaw puzzle and packed in a light lunch.

So it all ran smoothly, but the problem is the destination.

Windows 10 is quite different to 8.1 which differed substantially from 8.0. I had just got used to the latest version of Internet Explorer only to find it has been dropped. My favourites, the ones I cross-indexed by, have been tossed out of the window.

So at the moment, what I have is a system I can’t use, coupled with the loss of access to the resources that I prefer.

ShiningInLuz is temporarily on hold.

It will take me a few days to work out how I get back to where I was before this update.


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