Luz in aspic – The Duke

The Duke has been closed for several years now. In its final incarnation, it was run as an Indian Brasserie, a combination that apparently did not mix.

Back in 2007, The Duke was run by June and Paul Wright, both of whom have statements in the PJ Files, so what did the place look like then?

On 16 May 2007, June Wright gave the following information to the PJ. This was after Robert Murat had been made an arguido, and it is clear she was being asked as to whether he was around apartment 5A on the night Madeleine disappeared.

She is described as being the owner of the the Duque de Holanda bar. Personally, I think she ran The Duke rather than owned it. However, the point is that on the night The Duke was open, but when June heard about the missing child she took part in the search, until 5AM on 4 May 2007. This took her near apartment 5A on several occasions, and she never saw Robert Murat, whom she knew before the disappearance.

The same day, 16 May 2007, Paul Wright was asked about Robert Murat. His statement is that he was in the Duque de Holanda when a Mark Warner employee arrived about 10:15PM, asking for help to search for Madeleine. He arrived at apartment 5A around 11:45PM. He also did not see Robert Murat that night.

So The Duke was open that night, but it looks like it was not particularly busy. It seems June joined in the search fairly early, with Paul joining somewhat later.

As The Duke is now closed, you need the Wayback Machine to look up what was happening then. Fortunately, I have my hands on a business card from the days that describes The Duke as a restaurant and bar, with a website at

If you check this URL, you get some funny stuff. Early on this was a seafood restaurant in Ireland. Then the URL got ‘parked’ through disuse, then it opened up again in Luz. There isn’t a web capture at the date of Madeleine’s disappearance. The nearest I can get is 24 Jul 2008, roughly a year after Madeleine disappeared.

So what have we got. The hours on a weekday were roughly 5:30PM to late for the bar, with food served from 7 till 10. The web pages do not mention June and Paul Wright. They do mention a Lidia and Scott. The menu is quintessentially English. Steak, Guinness, Magners, home-made desserts.

Here is what The Duke looked like back then, on the inside.



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