Madeleine – 74,000 calls/texts – Paulo Dias final

Page 38


Due to the huge amount of data it does not become possible with the available tools (Access, Excel and Analyst Notebook), to develop a work that enables verification of a certain standard, from where it is possible to extract data that suggest or indicate a way to follow for the investigation for the collection of evidence.

It reaffirms that to perform analysis of the amount of data that has been forwarded to this police this is only possible, as already mentioned, if it is provided data on one or a group of suspects, witnesses, and / or others. Only then, these data may be useful to indicate that a particular phone on day 2, 3 or 4 activated an antenna of Praia da Luz.

Finally, it is possible to infer compared to data analysed and explanations of the key players in a first stage of analysis, that is, without having analysed systematically, all witness statements and materials, which it may will rise to possibility of abduction/kidnapping, among others. Other than that for now, without to proceed to analyse more data, it is not possible to confirm which.

It is certain that still it has not been requested any ransom demand from the kidnapper, but making faith in what the parents of little Madeleine assert and testimony from a lot of the other elements of the group, and in the table of the of the communications that are present (increase in telephone traffic from and to the parents and members of the group after the disappearance of the child, which until then were only sporadic contacts), only one can already opine to the hypothesis above.

As soon as possible, to join to this report, the report of the analysis of the facts.

Join in the annex the graphics (charts) representative of the communications of each member of the group.

{I am far from clear as to what is going on here. There is a single graphic in the PJ Files. It could be that Inspector Paulo Dias meant this was an interim report, a work-in-progress, which could be developed further. Equally, it could be that my translation is less than perfect.

However, the core facts are simple. Inspector Dias is saying that, due to the quantity of information in the telephone records, it is not possible to boil them down to find a suspect. It needs to work the other way round i.e. to find a suspect (or suspects) from elsewhere and then to check on telephone traffic for suspicious activity.}


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