Madeleine – 74,000 calls/texts – Paulo Dias 2

The next chunk is long and extremely repetitive. The questions to be posed to 8 members of the Tapas 9 are far from piercing.

David Payne

Q1.1 Who is is the user of mobile phone 44789xxxx8713, with whom you exchange the communications to follow as indicated, and what relation do you maintain with him/her?

Understanding the rest simply means knowing that troca means exchange, recebe means receive and envia means send. A slight variation is ‘efectuou uma chamanda´which is ‘you made a call’.

Russell O’Brien

Q2.1 asks Russell about 4479xxxx6678, and notes this number is in common with one contacted by Kate.

Q2.2 Did he receive any personal or phone contact from the user of 4477xxxx4842, that activated Luz antennas, and will be able to have been introduced by the user of 4479xxxx6678?

Everything else for Russell is the standard ‘who is the user of’ variety.

Dianne Webster

Q3.1 is a slight variation on the standard. It asks about 4479xxxx0610 in the standard way. Then it asks if this is a message centre, to whom was the message sent?

Matthew Oldfield

Q4.1 is the only question and the first part is standard. The second part is whether this individual was approached in person or by telephone.

Rachel Oldfield

The first 5 questions are standard. Q5.6 has the variant that Matthew had i.e. was this individual approached in person or by telephone.

Jane Tanner

All standard questions.

Gerry McCann

Q7.1 to Q7.5 are standard.

Q7.6 suggests a number starting with 910 might instead have this replaced with 44, the code for the UK. Q7.7 suggests the same with another 910 number.

Q7.8 is a question about two phone users that may be linked, mobile 4479xxxx6678 and land line 44116xxx2061.

Q7.9 asks about the 3 incoming calls where the calling number was not identified.

Q7.10 is about a call to and a call from (Portuguese mobile) 964xxx520, around 10:30pm on 4th May.

Q7.11 asks if Gerry has received a personal or phone contact with the user of 4479xxxx1017, a contact of his wife, and who might be the user of 964xxxx520 in Q7.10.

Q7.12 asks if Gerry was without phone contact or without battery charge in two periods, presumably from the 4th of May, one after midnight and one early morning. If he was absent, was he accompanied and by whom.

Kate McCann

Questions 8.1 and 8.2 are about the two numbers in common with Gerry, but otherwise are standard.

Q8.3 is about the number in common with Russell O’Brien, but otherwise is standard.

Q8.4 asks if she had personal or phone contact with the user of 4477xxxx4842, and is it linked to 4479xxxx6678, the one referred to in 8.3.

Q8.5 is standard.

Q8.6 asks if she had personal or phone contact with the user of 4479xxxx1583, and is it linked to the one asked about in 8.5?

Questions 8.7 to 8.9 are standard.

Q8.10 is about an unknown UK mobile that was known to be in Luz – 4479XXXX1017.

Q8.11 asks if Kate had personal of phone contacts with two other numbers known to be in Luz, 964xxx520 and 4478xxxx8964, and which may be linked to the number in Q8.10.

Q8.12 and 8.13 are standard.

Q8.14 has a slight twist. After earlier stating that number 289xxx562 was unknown and needed to be identified, in this part of the report it is known to be the Pacífico Bar. Other than that it is standard.

Q8.15 is standard, albeit with a lot of exchanges with a single number. The timing pattern of these is interesting, as they start at 3:07AM on 4 May 2007, and are nearly continuous to 10:15AM on the same day.


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