Madeleine – 74,000 calls/texts Paulo Dias

Page 25 {The following is the start of the recommendations made by Inspector Paulo Dias as to the way forward regarding this analysis.}

In view of the findings above, it is suggested:

Contacts with the Portuguese operators to determine whether it is possible to know whether the numbers 447973100610, 447973100123, if they act as message centres or if they are assigned to mobile devices. If it is not possible through the national consultation, apply to the English authorities for that information.

Determine where and under what name is registered the phone 289301562, in order to proceed with the inquiry its owner, in the sense to clarify under what terms and conditions he spoke with Kate Healy, a few hours after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Ascertain from the operators in whose names are found the mobile phones 917224106, 917453319, 964078520. The first contacted with David Payne, the second with Jane Tanner and with Rachael Manpilly, and the third with Gerald McCann. It is of interest to determine in which terms and conditions they related with these elements of the group.

According to some records, the McCanns, and the remaining group, did not know anyone in our country. Admittedly, these figures come after the disappearance of Madeleine, but it must be determined on what terms these numbers appear in “scene”.

{Now I am a little perplexed. Finding out about the two UK (44) numbers is surely no more than phoning the number, or asking an English police officer with a mobile using 4479 to try these numbers. The number 289301562 is, as noted earlier, the Pacífico bar in Vilamoura. For some reason I am not getting this in the 2015 White Pages or Yellow Pages, but again, was it more complex in 2007 than dialling the number? Perhaps there is something in Portuguese law or the PJ strategy that prevented this simple enquiry.}


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