Madeleine – 74,000 calls/texts – Kate part 2

Page 23

Kate after the dialogue with the user of that number, still on that day 2, exchanges messages with the number 4479xxxx7624, by 20:08:30, 20:08:41 she receives. On day 3, she sends a message by 08:23:22 hours, receiving the response to that contact by 08:24:33 hours. Following this exchange of messages, she returns to do it with the number 4479xxxx6678, already treated above.

With the disappearance of Madeleine there is a strong increase in her traffic: from 12 contacts that she held until it passed to 132 carried out in the period understood between 23:14:51 hours (contact with her husband), up to 23:57:57 hours, on day 4.

Also she makes contact with the phone 4411xxxx3138, at 06:05:29 hours, day 4, maintaining a 702 second dialogue. This number does not activate any antenna, however, it relates to the number 4479xxxx6678, to which reference has already been made above as being the common contact between Russell and Kate

She makes a call to the number 4479xxxx1027, at 23:37:01 hours, of day 4 (in the graphic there arise two calls with the interval of one second, referring to the same call, agreeing with the two records, made in the calls of Kate and recorded in the number in question).

The number 4479xxxx1027, contacts with the numbers 964078520 and 447812128964. This latter activates an antenna TMN for the first time by 19:35:33 hours, of day 4. It is unknown to whom it may belong. The first makes its appearance when it receives a phone call from mobile phone 962xxx835, on day 4, at 19:50:19 hours.

On the 4th, at 00:47:23 hours, she receives a call from phone 289xxx562, with a duration of 239 seconds. By 01:02:08, that same day, she turns to receive a new call from the same number, maintaining a dialogue of 223 seconds. {That’s the Pacífico Bar in Vilamoura.}

In Table 11 are records of the communications of Kate Healy. {Unfortunately, the table is sorted in caller number order, making it hard to work out what is going on.}


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