Madeleine – 74,000 calls/texts – Kate part 1

Page 21

Kate Healy has in common with Gerald McCann, her husband, the numbers 4479xxxx7010 and 4477xxxx5629.

With the first of these numbers she exchanges messages before the events (receives by 08:50:31 hours, of day 2 and about 3 minutes she responds – 08:53:15 hours). She comes only to receive a new SMS from this number on the 4th, by 04:22:54 hours, answering by 04:55:54 hours that same day. Gerald just receives one call from this number, at 07:32:20, of day 4, keeping in conversation 5 minutes and 16 seconds. The number in question does not trigger any antenna in the area of Praia da Luz, nor relates to some other person who will.

The same goes for the number 4477xxxx5629, this is when it contacts with either Kate or with Gerald it is outside the zone of influence of the antennas that serve Praia da Luz, and so remains during the days studied.

This number makes a single call to Kate, on day 4 at 04:36:30 hours with a period of 1727 seconds (28 minutes and 47 seconds), and sends two messages to Gerald, at 22:01:55 hours and 22:02:00 hours.

Kate also has in common with Russell two numbers, the 901 which as mentioned already it is a message centre, so it is natural for you to access several other numbers, and the number 4479xxxx6678. As for the latter, Kate exchanges SMSs before the disappearance of Madeleine, she does so on day 3 – she receives by 12:31:33 hours and responds by 13:34:53 hours. She only returns to exchange messages with the user of that number at 06:02:08 hours, 06:04:11 hours, 08:06:14 hours and 08:07:52 hours of day 4, ending by a dialogue with the user of the mobile phone, at 10:20:42 hours, keeping in conversation about 171 seconds (2 minutes and 51 seconds). At this point this number does not activate any of the antennas studied, but returns to do so when at 19:43:42 hours, it receives a contact from Russell (last constant link in the graphic referring to this individual). In addition to these contacts, this number contacts with the home phone number of the McCanns (4411xxxx4972) and with the number 4477xxxx4842 that activates also one of the antennas of Optimus, at 19:54:08 hours, of day 4, when it connects to the number 4477xxxx9235, maintaining a conversation of 14 seconds. The latter number does not trigger any antenna of Praia da Luz. From what was stated above, it would appear that the number 4479xxxx6678 belongs to someone close to Kate, maybe even a relative.

The register of contacts made by Kate, began with a message that she sends at 07:36:41 hours, of day 2, for the number 4479xxxx3299, then followed by another to the same number, by 07:36:45 hours4. Reply was received by 07:50:09 hours. Of this number it only returns to receive a message, at 23:19:32 hours, of day 4. After the three initial messages she exchanges messages with the number 4479xxxx7010, as was already described above. Then, at 11:21:49 hours, of that day 2, she receives a voice call with a duration of 15 seconds, from the number 4417xxxx0023. The number in question does not return to contact with Kate during the reporting period, it does not activate any antenna of Praia da Luz, however it relates with the number 4479xxxx1583, this does activate one of the antennas Optimus serving that location, see table 10.

{Table 10 is on The communications which do not have an entry in the ‘duração’ (duration) column are SMSs.}

4The proximity of the two messages may be due to the fact that this is only one, but due to its size, is split in two.

It is a number that is unknown to whom it belongs, but as can be seen it is in Praia da Luz in three days, and on the second the record shows a 52-second conversation with the caller of Kate mentioned above.

{I’m finding this tough going to understand what sense is being made in this analysis. Table 10 is a list of a phone active in Luz, seemingly on Optimus as it always goes via Optimus antenna 2 (14932). That antenna covers roughly the east of Luz, so it handles traffic from around block 5 (plus numerous other areas in the east of Luz).}


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