Madeleine – Op Grange v ShiningInLuz This is a news article dated 4 Oct 2013, by Danny Shaw. It was published in the run-up to the Crimewatch programme broadcast on 14 Oct 2013.

Here are two extracts. “Mobile phone records may hold the key to solving the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, detectives believe.” “Det Ch Insp Redwood said officers had so far been unable to attribute a “large number” of mobile numbers and admitted that it was difficult to do so with phones bought six years ago on a pay-as-you-go basis.”

On 12 Nov 2015, I emailed 20 phone numbers (a small test sample) to OG. I have received the standard automated response and nothing more, which is hardly surprising, given that this information was emailed fairly late on a Saturday night.

The 20 numbers are split into 10 land line numbers and 10 mobile numbers. I have reason to believe these were in use vaguely around 2007, though I cannot be certain as some of the sources I am using are not dated.

The 10 land line numbers relate to businesses that were active in 2007 but have since ceased trading. I have checked that the current version of Portuguese Yellow Pages does not have these numbers.

The 10 mobile numbers also relate to businesses active around 2007, but here the profile is different to the land line numbers. In this case I am talking about small businesses where the owner was likely to be using a mobile for both business and personal calls. Again, I have checked that these do not turn up in current phone directories.

I presume that Operation Grange has access to both Yellow Pages and White Pages for 2007. If so, it could well be that I am wasting OG time, when it has better methods than I do. I have indicated in the email that if I have turned up nothing new, they can say so and I will cease wasting their time. I do not expect to get feedback on this point.

An equivalent to the source I am using exists in more or less every home in Luz that has not been sold in, say, the last 4 years. Therefore, I would expect the number of such sources to run into the thousands.

There is an alternative approach to this, which is to think through which information sources on the Algarve would have been interested in this information around 2007. Part of my 20 numbers comes from such a source. For example, two of the ten mobile numbers come from people operating water sports on the beach at Luz. This I know because I have laid hands on a publication that dates back Madeleine’s time. There was no land line for this set up, probably because it operated from the beach.

Here is the game plan.

I shall give Operation Grange a month to respond. I am sure there is a lot going on relative to the number of officers working the case, but if turnaround time is a month then I cannot make this angle work.

Therefore, if Operation Grange does not respond within a month, I will assume that I am wasting my time, and presumably wasting their time too, so I shall cease sending them phone numbers, whether land line or mobile.

However, I will continue to process my source, and this information will be offered to Kate and Gerry McCann. Plus ways to get access to the other sources I have talked about.


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