Madeleine – 74,000 calls/texts – Jane Tanner

Page 17

Already above it was related above that Jane Tanner and Rachael Manpilly have in common the phone 917453319.

She maintains contacts within the group with her husband, Russell O’Brien, and Dianne Webster.

Before the alert given to Jane, she exchange SMSs with the number 447958704510 on day 2, at 8:21:46 hours and at 10:05:20 hours, receives and sends respectively. Also in this day, at 13:59:41 hours she receives an SMS, from number 441392426898, to whom she connects about 30 minutes later (14:53:33 hours), keeping it in conversation for 187 seconds. Still that day she receives contact from the numbers 447946166665 and 447771925891, at 19:22:52 hours and 19:27:34 hours, respectively.

At 20:30:21 hours, of day 3, Jane turns to activate an antenna in Praia da Luz, sending an SMS to the number 447949731844, with whom she returns to contact only by 09:04:46 hours, of the next day.

Immediately after the disappearance of Madeleine, Jane contacts a number 4412347723125, at 00:11:01, 00:20:37, and 00:21:41 hours, with a duration of 6, 22 and 3 seconds.

With whom she has the most lengthy contacts it is with the number 441271870915, on day 4, at 9:12:38 and 22:08:05, lasting 240 and 1304 seconds, respectively.

In table 8 are found the records of the communications of Jane Tanner.

{The table is on For some reason this is sorted in phone number order, making it harder to recognise calls coming in linking with calls going out.

This table repeats the double entry phone call of Russell to Jane Tanner on 4 May 2007 at 18:08.}


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