Madeleine – Foot Luz #1

Foot Luz 1

This is the short walk from apartment 5A to the front of supermarket Baptista, date 9 Dec 2015, around 9:30am.

This route has been suggested on a Madeleine woke and wandered thread. What I hope to reveal on Foot Luz is the bits where Google does not go.

Requests are welcome. After all, this short stroll was actually a request. The pathway off Rua Dr Martins.




The first 5 photos simply set up the scene. You get apartment 5A, the Tapas entrance, Baptista down the road, and a man in a fluorescent jacket walking two tiny dogs.


In the photo of man with dogs, you can see that the garden walls beside the path clearly show a gradient downhill. That path slopes gently down.


The next two photos are of street lights. Was this path well-lit in 2007 or not? I’m seeing two quite different types of street light, so for me the jury is out.



The next 3 photos are from the area in front of Baptista, at the end of the path. You can see the shops. You can see the ramp that leads down to the main entrance of Baptista, plus the hardy souls who are having coffee or breakfast outside when it is only 14ºC here. The last photo simply shows there is another path alongside the block of shops up to the car park behind.





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