Madeleine – 74,000 calls/texts – Rachael Oldfield

Page 14

Rachael Manpilly has a contact in common with Jane Tanner, the phone 917453319, that which its first registration is 22:06:52 hours of the day 4. This national number also contacts with 441274585431. This does not trigger any antenna studied.

The only member of the group with whom she maintains contacts is with her husband.

The first record contained in the database is a message it receives from number 1100, at 09:57:19 hours, of day 2. Subsequently, it exchanges 7 messages (6 with the number 447812799092 and 1 with the number 447817049612; these figures do not activate any antenna of those studied, nor have other contacts to do so). One of these, the last before the alert being given, occurred at 16:06:51 hours, of day 3.

On day 2, at 09:57:32 hours, she makes a call to telephone 447973100123 of which lasts 101 seconds (00:01:40 hours). This number does not trigger any of the analysed antenna serving the studied area, however it relates to the following numbers broken down, which activate antennas of TMN and Optimus: 447711219039 (1st activation: 08:11:43 hours, day 2) , 447778646683 (1st activation: 09:49:13 hours, day 2) …

{There follows a long list of 1st activations, all on 2 May, except for the last on 3 May.

See }

In the graphic of this element of the group, there is also her momentary absence to which reference has already been made, when the graphic of Matthew was reported.

The other contacts are made with numbers which are not influenced by any of the antennas. There are also links to the message centres of the operators.

The first contact that she effects after the alert, after exchanging contact with her husband, is a call that she makes to the number 447768698713, at 01:42:55 hours, with a duration of 75 seconds. This number returns the contact, at 01:58:53 hours with a duration of 6 minutes and 8 seconds. As already mentioned this number does not activate any antenna in that zone of the country.

The call receiving or perform with greater time is recorded on day 4, at 2:33:38 pm, from 44549370165752 number, which lasts 692 seconds.

In Table 7 are the records of the Rachael Manpilly communications.

{Table 7 is at

This is a big table and has some unusual looking numbers in it, so it is going to take a bit of working through.

The comment on Matthew´s records that Rachael was outside of Luz or had her phone switched off at 00:08:01 on 4 May is still puzzling. Rachael’s records seem to show that she was in Luz and her phone was switched on, so more checking is required here.}


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