Madeleine – 74,000 calls/texts – Matthew Oldfield

Page 13

Matthew Oldfield makes no contact before the alert is given. The first record of the three days is an SMS that he receives, from the number TMobileej (this value is unknown, however it is in the data base sent by TMN) for 22:45:05 hours of day 3.

The person with whom he contacts more is with his wife Rachael Manpilly, who, by 00:08:01 hours, of day 4 would be outside the radius of action of the antennas of Praia da Luz, or be with the phone off. This contact between the two appears only in Matthew’s records.

One of the situations that have any interest to emphasize is that he receives an SMS number 447958879879, by 00:08:12, day 4, which according to Vodaphone databases was in the UK. This number does not trigger the antennas of Praia da Luz, but contacts with numbers 447773335588, 447930535254, 44797018745, 447984763199, 447985111885, 447985609362, 447986976122, that yes activate antennas of Praia da Luz, some even on May 2, as is the case of number 447986976122 (first constant activation of the TMN database is on 02-05-2007, at 09:14:42 hours); and the number 447985111885 (first activation on 02-05-2007, at 13:04:46 hours). The other five only activate antennas of Praia da Luz on the day 4. These phones shall not contact each other.

In table 6 are registered the communications of Matthew Oldfield.

{Table 6 is at

There are two pairs of overlapping phone calls on 3 May 2007at 22:51 and 23:06.

The comment about Rachael being out of Luz or having her mobile switched off seems odd. Perhaps there’s more in her phone analysis.}


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