Madeleine – 74,000 calls/texts – Dianne Webster

Page 12

Dianne Webster has in common with her son in law the phone number of her home and a number that is unknown to whom it may belong.

Before the alert she receives a phone message from mobile 447973100610, at 19:30:38 hours, day 3 and she makes a call home at 19:31:47 hours of this same day.

The first contact that she performs, after the events under investigation, was to her residence by 00:34:41 hours, day 4, and the contact lasted 478 seconds (7 minutes and 58 seconds); by 10:26:04, this day she gets a call from home keeping her in conversation for 860 seconds (00:14:20 hours).

The number with which she contacts more is 447740304115, making it always after the disappearance. This number does not enable any of the studied antennas.

The other two numbers with which she keeps contacts are 441234772315 and 447899818713. Neither of these activate antennas of Praia da Luz, nor are they are known contacts that are made. She also has links for numbers of the operators, which also are accessed by other numbers that activate antennas of national operators, but these numbers do not have any direct relationship, except in this way, with Dianne.

Also she will have left the zone of influence of the antennas of Praia da Luz, since at 20:19:28 hours, she had made a call to mobile phone 447808584191, Jane Tanner, that was registered on her graphic but as belonging to the record of calls of this other.

In table 5 are the records of the communications of Dianne Webster.

{The table is at}


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