Madeleine – 74,000 calls/texts – Russell O’Brien

Page 11

Before the disappearance, which according to the statements of all group members occurred between 20:30:00 hours and 22:00:00 hours, Russell just received an SMS from the mobile phone 4478xxxx9801, at 10:52:32 hours, day 3 and the first contact that is made after the alert was 08:13:19 of day 4, to phone 4415xxxx4469, having engaged in dialogue 169 seconds (2 minutes and 49 seconds): this number does not trigger any of the antennas studied.

Also he calls the number 4477xxxx0603, maintaining a dialogue with the duration of 13 seconds, at 10:52:04 hours, day 4; it also does not trigger any antenna.

The number 4479xxxx6678, referred to above, also contacted with the number (44) 77xxxx4842, which also was in Praia da Luz. The first record that exists of this last number is at 19:54:51 hours, day 4.

The other contacts made or received are for the operators of message centres (901 and 4478xxxx1901). These numbers receive multiple accesses of numbers that activate antennas in Praia da Luz, which is normal for the kind of service they provide and therefore do not deserve any particular reference.

In Table 4 are the records of communication of Russell O’Brien.

{The table is at This has another example of a single call being registered by two operators in Luz.}


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