Madeleine – 74,000 calls/texts – David Payne

Page 9

The first contact that is carried out, after Kate had given the alert (supposedly around 22:00 hours) was at 01:17:17 hours for number 4477xxxx7853, owned by Dianne Webster. In the representation graphic (chart) of the contacts, marked in orange Optimus network -, there are some links to blue – TMN network – between the phone and Russell O’Brien. This indicates that David was out of the area of influence of the antennas that serve the village of Praia da Luz, at the point of those contacts. By that given in the records, the match would be in the installations of this police to provide his testimony.

David maintains several contacts with elements outside the group. None of these contacts have enabled any antenna during the three days analysed, nor have contacts with third parties to do so.

In Table 3 are the records of communications David Payne.

Page 10

{The table with David Payne’s calls detailed is at The last two entries are near duplicates. Presumably, this is an instance of a single call going through two operators, with slightly different times recorded by each.}

In addition to the contacts he had with Jane Tanner and David Payne, Russell O’Brien has a contact in common with Kate, 4479xxxx6678, that further reference will be made at the time when the communications made and received by Kate are tackled, but it is pointed out already, the fact that this number sends a message and receives another from the mother of Madeleine before the child’s disappearance, at 12:31:33 and 13:34:53 hours, respectively, of the day 3. At the time, 4479xxxx6678 was outside of the influence of the antennas serving the village of Praia da Luz, but when it receives the contact made by Russell, on the 4th, at 19:43:42 hours it activates an Optimus antenna in Praia da Luz. This fact is seen in the chart in Analyst Notebook, of David, appearing with the representative colour of Optimus – orange. In the database that Optimus sent this police, this number activates the antenna for the first time that hour.


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