Madeleine – The Truth About Child Sexual Abuse

The Truth About Child Sex Abuse, BBC2, 24 Nov 2015

Tazeen Ahmad presented the programme, and was billed as an investigative journalist.

April Jones. On 1 Oct 2012 she was abducted and murdered by Mark Bridger. {April was 5 years old. She was seen near her home, willingly entering a car. Bridger was sentenced to life imprisonment. According to Wikipedia, “After Bridger’s arrest, police discovered an extensive collection of child abuse material on his computer.” This is based on a report in the Independent–the-full-story-alcoholic-paedophile-mark-bridger-turned-online-sex-fantasies-into-grim-reality-8637658.html by Jonathan Brown, dated 30 May 2013. This link freezes my PC, but the story can be obtained via Google cache, and other news reports confirm this.}

In 2012 to 2014, it is estimated that 425,000 children were abused. In a town with a population of 100,00 that equates to 800 children. 1 in 8 victims come forward, while the rest don’t report it. {The programme did not explain where this 1 in 8 estimate comes from.}

Two thirds of incidents are by a family member or someone near the family.

40% is by a male near the family, with 25% by the father. 10% are by the mother.

Duncan Craig, Survivors Manchester. Duncan experienced sexual abuse and rape during his childhood and teens years, and founded Survivors Manchester when he found there were no support facilities for male victims.

A quarter of those who report abuse are male. Abuse begins early, before 12 for prepubescent victims, until it stops around 15, when the youth is too old.

Paedophilia. Perpetrators split into those targeting pubescent victims, and those attracted to pre-pubescent children. The prevalence of those who experience desires re paedophilia is estimated at 1% of the population, which translates as 250,000 in the UK. {There was no explanation for either number.} The issue is, do these people act on it?

Nature or nurture? Where there is no evidence of being abused, the source appears to be nature.

Science. Dr James Cantor has a theory that paedophiles’ brains are wired together differently from normal people. This is not a difference in the parts existing in the brain, but how those parts are cabled together. The signals that should go to the nurturing centre instead go to a sexual centre.

Offenders are 3 times more likely to be left-handed or ambidextrous than the general population. They are on average 2.5cm shorter than those committing different types of offence. Handedness and height are established in the first third of pregnancy, supporting an explanation of nature.

If it is a hard-wired condition, is it curable? Paul Federoff thinks so. His treatment is to place the paedophile on anti-androgens re reduce sexual drive, allow the person to develop a normal life and establish a relationship with an adult, then remove the anti-androgens to allow normal adult sexual desire.

Donald Findlater, Stop It Now. {Supposedly the only UK-wide charity dedicated solely to tackling child sexual abouse.}

Children aged 12 – 13 are beyond the age of true paedophilia. The bulk of child sex abuse is before this.

Yehudis Goldsobel. Member of the family or known through the family. This victim’s interview is at In this case the abuse started at age 13. The interviewer is Professor Tanya Byron.

Young people in maladaptive relationships can repeat the abuse on other young people. In this scenario, they tend to move to normal behaviour over time.

The Internet is a huge problem. It is estimated there are 50,000 downloaders of child sexual abuse in the UK. {How this estimate was obtained was not explained.}

However, this permits monitoring against indecent images, becoming the equivalent of CCTV in the physical world.

{Wikipedia on April Jones says that Google and Bing put in blocks to searching for child sexual abuse following this case.}

{My take on this programme was that it was massively disappointing. It was very superficial treatment of some very deep issues. Apart from collecting some names of people working in this field, the only revelation was from Wikipedia, about how easy it was to collect such material before the April Jones case.}


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