Madeleine – 74,000 calls/texts 2

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Review of the contacts recorded in the BTS (retransmission antennas) that serve the locality of Praia da Luz, from the three national operators.


To assess and, eventually, to correct the report fulfilled, on 10 September 2007, and signed by the inspectors, Messrs. Victor Pereira and Sergio Cruz.

To check the possibility to extract any clue, from the totality of communications of the three days, of the form to lead to a clue that allows to deduce that which may have happened to Madeleine Beth McCann.

This report and its annexes will serve for the presentation of a final analysis report, based on these data and the rest of the proven elements adduced for the case.


Due to the size of the base data that has been referred to this police force, it is not feasible to perform any analysis that is conducive to the raising of a hypothesis, that makes it possible to provide new avenues of research.

Nevertheless, already some attempts were performed, notably it was tried to determine the existence of “numbers” that activated one of the BTS on day 3 and did not return to do so on the 4th.

The result of this analysis is 1859 numbers, that is, this value indicates the mobile phone numbers that did not activate the antennas on the 4th, but that they had done on the 3rd, between/amongst nationals and foreigners.

{The word ‘entre’ here could mean between i.e. the traffic was international, or it could mean amongst/including i.e. 1859 numbers in total, composed of both Portuguese numbers and non-Portuguese numbers.}

This would require the consultation of all domestic and foreign operators, that would take us to a lot of information, where most likely nothing will be useful for instigation, because: the response would not be conclusive, many of the numbers are pre-paid cards, that are unknown to the user, because most likely the answers would have not come in time.

After these replies, it becomes necessary again to consult the Spanish operators to determine if any of these numbers had enabled any antenna in Spain. That is, if it was hypothesized the author(s) of the kidnap of Madeleine, fled to Spain. Nothing would indicate this, as most likely there were several of these various situations.

{Note the original Portuguese appears to contain a typo as ‘Isto se se ‘ does not make sense. I have used Isto é, se- .}

Before we continue, it should be noted that we are dealing with a universe of 74104 communications, which are distributed as shown in table 1.


Day 02

Day 03

Day 04

Total Per Operator
















Total Per day





Table 1

As is generally known, an Excel sheet (2003 version) has only 65536 lines, which prevents the processing of all the data together (the three days).

Similarly, the other tool available – notebook Analyst V.6. -, has not solved the problem, since the result is a stain, that cannot be portrayed in one mere sheet of A4, (the program itself does not allow its printing) and to become possible, your impression would take such dimensions that it would not be humanly possible to perform any reading/analysis of the result.

For example, it may be noted that even with a short number of communications, for example 2 thousand monthly contacts, Analyst Notebook produces an “output” on paper of considerable dimensions – 2000 mm x 600 mm, and with the objects 30 to 40% of normal size, if not less.

Thus, one can tell that this data serves once and only when one has a possible suspect or group of suspects. In this case the data will show its usefulness, confirming, if there have been contacts, the presence of the author or authors in Praia da Luz in the days 2-4 May, of this year. In this sense, and to verify that the methodology used was efficient, following the report of the criteria produced by the elements of BCAI, the DCCB, we analysed the contacts made by known mobile phones and telephone numbers of the 9 adult elements of the group that travelled with Madeleine.

{The report then lists 24 phones, mobiles and land-lines, used by the Tapas 9. See table 2 on }


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  1. No typo : in “isto se se”, the first “se” is the conditional conjunction “if” and the second is the reflexive pronoun.

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