Madeleine – 74,000 calls and texts

On 9 Nov 2007, Inspector Paulo Dias of the PJ reported on an analysis of 74,000 phone calls and texts entering and leaving Luz, on 2 May 2007 to 4 May 2007. The main thrust seems to have been to understand the Tapas9 traffic.

My interest is rather to see what understanding of the information this stockpile might contain, and how it might be analysed to provide more information going forward i.e. I have no particular angle with respect to the Tapas 9.

Original data is from This uses page numbers that are one greater than the PJ report. I have used this sites page numbers, as that can be used to check if you wish.

MY THANKS TO mercury AT THE UK JUSTCE FORUM. I believed this report existed but I could not dig it out. Mercury was kind enough to point me at it.

The following is a near-literal translation of the report into English. Near-literal can result in stiff, formal English, but other translators who have focussed a little more on meaning have come in for flack for not getting things 100% correct.

I have not included the original Portuguese, as I find long documents with both the original Portuguese and the English translation quite tough to follow.

If you simply want to see the original Portuguese, you have the link above. Should you need an accurate, complete copy of the Portuguese text, get in touch with me, as that is how I am translating the report.

If you simply want to copy and paste the English translation, feel free. My aim is to get the information out as wide as possible.

mccannpjfiles Page 1

Analysis report of the communications recorded in the antennas that serve Praia da Luz, of the 3 operators, made by the 9 elements that constituted the McCann group (Days 2-4 May)


Uni – Analysis Sector

Inspector Paulo Dias

Lisbon, November 9, 2007

{Note. I have no idea what DCICPT means, or what the Analysis Sector did.}

Page 2


An operational analysis has as a primary objective, to suggest “ways” to the investigation, and to open new perspectives for the investigation. For that it analyses the data available and constants in the legal records, having recourse to the recognised tools at national and international level – Excel and Analyst Notebook V. 6.

{Analyst Notebook advert says it is “Timelines, Connections and Mapping with XAMN phone forensic tool”.}

The Analyst faces the data, will analyse them, that is, divide them, separate them, in order to at the end of the correlations make a synthesis of the results in an objective and synthesized form.

Whenever possible he should raise a hypothesis, based always and solely on the existing evidence in the records, in other words he should maintain an objective stance, not allowing subjectivity on top of the objective results, nor should should he extrapolate beyond the results obtained.

With these presumptions, the report that follows was elaborated so the research was available to other elements, in order to clarify some matters.


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