Madeleine v mainstream media

As news broke on 28 Oct 2015 that Operation Grange has been scaled down from 29 officers to 4, I have been looking for information on one particular aspect.

So I tried a number of sources, including the Daily Mail at

This is by Martin Robinson, and was published at 15:07 on 28 Oct 2015, and updated at 01:47 on 29 Oct 2015.

There are typo errors that should have been picked up by a spell-checker e.g. “Met Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, centre, had prebeen in charge of the hunt …” Presumably, this was meant to read ‘had previously been’, so not a biggy. Since the photo shows two men, one on the left of the photo and one on the right, it is unfortunate that he is referred to as being in the centre.

Detectives has searched in 30 countries and returned to Portugal regularly” is a mix of poor grammar and misinformation.

One of the headlines is entirely misleading “Met has probed 60 suspects whittled down from 650 known paedophiles”. So from this we can deduce that the 60 suspects are paedophiles. The body of the article does better in making clear that 60+ ‘persons of interest’ existed, or alternatively 60 people were considered as more serious suspects, and separates this strand out from looking at 650 paedophiles.

The following is the bit that grabbed my attention. “Hunt: British officers returned to Portugal last year and began searching three plots of land with dogs and radar but to no avail”.

2015 10 28 Dail Mail OG search areas

I guess I must have been watching the wrong show in mid-2014!


3 thoughts on “Madeleine v mainstream media

  1. It is an extremely interesting thought.

    What information will be made public if either operation comes to a halt, whether SY or PJ?

    At the moment I am pondering where the downsizing news release fits into the bigger picture.

    It is still shorts-in-Luz weather, how is Madrid doing?

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