Madeleine v The Dark Side

This is an article dated 29 April 2015 by Dina Soares and Joana Bourgard, about child sexual abuse in Portugal. The statistics are based on a 2014 report by the SSI (Sistema de Segurança Interna), or internal security service.

The SSI appears to be a cross between Scotland Yard (elite detectives investigating the most serious crimes) and MI5 (responsible for external threats to internal security).

Good luck on getting the link above to display properly. I had to dig the information out a different way.

So what does this turn up?

First, at end April/start of May 2015, the Portuguese parliament was debating whether or not it should have a register of paedophiles, who might get access to such a register, how long an offender’s name stayed on the register, and what restrictions (reporting moving home, reporting absences) might be placed on such offenders.

This does not mean that in 2007 Portugal could not track paedophiles. That might or might not have been done in other ways. It simply means that about right now in 2015, Portugal does not have a register of child sex offenders.

What else does it say? Abuse is predominantly by relatives and friends. Of those made arguidos in 2014, 96% were male and 4% were female. 82% of victims were female, while 18% were male.

The starting year for awareness about this was 2002, when the Casa Pia scandal broke.

In 2014, the statistics for Portugal looked as follows.

Detidos por crimes sexuais

146 people accused of sex with children

5 with minors dependent upon them

7 with sex with adolescents

3 with pimping minors

25 in relation to child pornography.

A name that seems to feature prominently in this arena is Manuel Coutinho. Of the Linha SOS Criança (child help line).

The statistics in this report are that SOS Criança had received in 2014 64 calls covering sexual abuse, pornography and child prostitution. This made up around 2% of the calls informing on crime in general.

Não há um abusador em cada esquina.”

There isn’t an abuser on every corner.


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