Madeleine – my thanks to Carana

My blog trundles along at a gentle pace then every so often there is a sharp increase in views. So, naturally, I get curious as to why.

So after the first half of October with the blog gently trundling along, the viewed counter went up a lot recently. But why?

Carana posted on stopthemyths that I had constructed a simplified transcript of Crimewatch 2013, crafted to auto-translate well into languages across the globe.

And as a result of this, I seem to have had a few new visitors who have poked around a lot to see what is on my blog.

Let me be clear on this. While I appreciate the folks coming from stopthemyths and having a look around, my aim with this blog is not about self-promoting.

So I am thanking Carana for an entirely different reason. My simplified English transcript of Crimewatch 2013 probably won’t make one iota of difference in the search for the truth about Madeleine. But for it to have any chance whatsoever, it needs a mention on places outside of my blog.

So, for widening the audience Carana, you have my sincere thanks.


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