Madeleine – normal service has resumed

Here is what has been happening the last 3 weeks or so.

First up was our 19th wedding anniversary, so I was a tad busy.

Then Jake popped out, our 7th grandchild, so I was a tad busy.

Then we hosted an 18th birthday party, cooking for 18 people, so I was a tad busy.

One of the rainwater dispersal pipes in my home seems to be leaking water into my bedroom, so I am a tad busy.

I have translated, and posted, the first ever appeal within Portugal, of Crimewatch 2013, complete with contact numbers that still work.  So I have been a tad busy.

I am still clearing up from the 18th birthday party.  The rainwater problem has yet to be sorted.

Despite all this, normal service is progressing, and that means a small amount of progress was made in the Madeleine McCann case.

We are nearly back to normal service.


2 thoughts on “Madeleine – normal service has resumed

  1. How is prince Jack doing ? I’m amazed with your activities, Shininginluz !
    I read your posts on MJ forum, I do agree a lot, I can’t reply, I was banned. I would have knocked every possible door for sure, using first the east indication of Jane T.
    Parabens para os 19 anos de casamento ! I’m more impressed with the 7 grand children. I envy you, I’ve none !
    Take care ! Anne

  2. Pegasus (she was Harmony on 3A) is very authoritarian under her looks of neutrality and Sherlock Holmes hypothetico-deductive skills. Fiona (rog) says clearly that the MCs and their children had breakfast at the Millennium of Sunday. This is logical, they couldn’t have bought anything in the supermarket yet. I always thought that, were I Madeleine, I would have gone to the Millennium, desperately trying to find my parents.

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