Madeleine – Luz Streetview 2009 has gone

Google has recently updated its Streetview of Luz from Aug 2009 to Feb 2015. This means that current Streetview images are roughly 8 years out of date with respect to the date of Madeleine’s disappearance.

As an example, here is the Cave Bar from Aug 2009. From other sites, it is possible to determine that the Cave Bar was in operation in May 2007, so this is a useful depiction of how Luz looked around the time (albeit it may be correct or incorrect re infrastructure upgrades made in 2007).

20090800 The Cave

And here is how the Cave Bar looked in Feb 2015. It had actually been gone for some time, being replaced first by Jake’s Restaurant before it became Rio’s (which has now also gone).

20150200 Rio's where Cave Bar was

I have tried digging the old version of Streetview out of the Wayback Machine, but I have not been successful.

I have no idea whether Operation Grange has access to or even wants the Aug 2009 version, but it is hard to see how they would work without it.

For those people interested in the case who cannot now access to Aug 2009 version, any Streetview images you have captured from that version have now become more valuable.

Please note, the streets crawled by Google appear to be somewhat different, sometimes giving you more, sometimes giving you less. For example, you can now move past the church, go down by the Fortaleza, to the start of the promenade.

Establishments which were in the 2009 map but which ceased to operate have been removed from the current version.

Edit – the reality is that there is a button that looks like a clock, and you can go back to previous versions!!!


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