Madeleine – Crimewatch 2013 English transcript pt 1

00:00 Introduction

Live for the next hour tonight the case that’s fascinated the world but what really happened to Madeleine McCann?

With exclusive access to Scotland Yard’s investigation we can now reveal the most detailed understanding of what took place that night in Portugal.

00:20 DCI Andy Redwood

Things that have not been quite as significant or received quite the same degree of attention are now the centre of our focus. The e-fits are clear and I’d ask the public to look very carefully at them.

We’ll explain why the images are so critical and debunk the existing theories.

00:38 Tanner sighting

We are almost certain now that this sighting is not the abductor.

And Madeleine’s parents tell us how they’ve coped in the media glare without their beloved daughter.

I kinda knew straight away then that Madeleine had been taken. It’s not us that has committed this crime. It’s a person who’s gone into that apartment and taken a little girl away from her family.

01:03 Programme titles

This is Crimewatch.

01:26 Introduction to tonight’s programme

Hello and welcome to Crimewatch. We’re live for the next hour with this month’s latest crime news and appeals. We’re gonna be revealing the latest Madeleine McCann findings in just a moment. And following tonight’s major reconstruction, I’m gonna be speaking live to Madeleine’s parents, Gerry and Kate, for their latest reaction to all these new developments.

01:47 Appeals not related to Madeleine McCann

03:12 Returns to the Madeleine McCann appeal

There must be very few people who don’t know about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. She was just three-years-old when she went missing whilst she was on holiday with her family in Portugal. That was way back in May 2007. She of course hasn’t been seen since. And whoever took her well they have yet to be brought to justice.

There was widespread criticism of the initial Portuguese investigation and even, at one point, accusations that her own parents were to blame.

Well along with Kate and Gerry McCann, in the studio tonight are the Scotland Yard detectives who are leading this new investigation. We’ve been working closely with them for several months to reconstruct their latest findings, and tonight we can reveal the major revelations that they’ve uncovered, and the true significance of those crucial e-fits you may have seen today if you’ve been watching the news.

Now we ask you to cast your preconceptions aside, to examine this new information and to do what you can to help find Madeleine McCann.

04:12 Around apartment 5A

The initial Portuguese police inquiry lasted a year. Private investigators have followed up sightings around the world. And the media storm surrounding the story came up with numerous theories.

(Snippets of old news stories.)

But what actually happened to Madeleine McCann remains a mystery.

04:45 More background information

In June this year, after reviewing the evidence, officers from the Metropolitan Police began a fresh investigation. Now, for the first time, the lead detective is ready to reveal what they have uncovered.

I would say it was a, it was a revelation moment.

And we speak to Kate and Gerry McCann about how they’ve coped over the past six years.

05:09 Interview with Gerry and Kate

When it’s a special occasion, when you should be at your happiest and Madeleine’s not there, that’s when it really hits home.

05:19 More introduction

Speculation will be cast aside and new leads revealed, as we ask you to help police finally uncover the truth what happened to Madeleine McCann.

05:37 Interview with Gerry and Kate

Gerry, what are your first memories of Madeleine as a baby?

Well she came out screaming. She was a McCann. There’s no doubt about that. She was very loud, but she came out almost perfectly formed. It’s really, she was instantly beautiful.

Because you had been through IVF to conceive her that it must have had an extra poignancy when she was born. Can you tell me …

Very overwhelming and it’s that sort of, that immediate love really. And she did feel special. I mean it did feel like after all we’ve been through WOW!

I’ve looked at photographs of your family around about that time. I think not long after the twins had been born. The thing that constantly strikes me – you have this sort of giant smile in every picture, which is like here we are. This is it. This is all that matters. Is that how you felt?

Yeah. I mean it was all I kind of dreamed of really. I can remember one morning. My mum and dad were there. And we had all piled into their bedroom and the three kids were climbing on top of me

And I just thought we were so lucky, 3 kids And you know, it’s just great. It was perfect, you know.

06:58 General information

The resort of Praia da Luz in Portugal is popular with families from across the UK and the rest of Europe.

But six years ago it became known for a very different reason. It was the place where a child, three-year-old Madeleine McCann, was abducted from her apartment. Since then, the mystery of what happened to her has continued to make headlines, but amid the speculation what are the facts?

07:32 The reconstruction begins

Kate and Gerry McCann arrived at the Ocean Club complex with a group of friends. They brought their three children, two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie, and three-year-old Madeleine.

What did Madeleine make of the swimming pool? Was she right in there?

Yeah, she was. She was desperate to get in there. Yeah I mean, it was the end of April we went out and it wasn’t that warm. She was straight in, swimming and I really, yeah …

Madeleine loved it. She really wanted to get in that water.

The McCanns got involved with activities provided by the complex. There were kids clubs for the children. Kate and Gerry signed up for tennis lessons. There was also time for them to be together, as a family.

And then generally it was probably about 6:30, and we’d all go back to our respective apartments and then it would be the bedtime routine.

08:29 The Tapas restaurant

In the evenings the adults would dine in the resort’s Tapas restaurant, which was fifty metres from the McCanns apartment. Five days into the holiday, the group was settled into this routine.

08:50 Thur, 3rd May, 2007

I think welall woke up around 7:30 and went through to have breakfast. It was at that point that Madeleine said “Where were you when Sean and I cried last night?” And it’s one of those questions that kind of throws you.

We just made a mental note of it. We said we go out tonight we need to make sure we are really checking. We wouldn’t like to think they might wake up, be crying and looking for us.

09:28 The last photograph

The time we have by the, the pool and the play area that day was, the five of us, it was a really fun time that day. It was particularly fun.

She was sitting in there in her little dress and hat on, and I was paddling my feet

And it was sunny and that’s why we’ve got the um, the photograph. The last picture we have.

09:59 The last afternoon

We had a, a lesson booked, the two of us, a tennis lesson. And then I stayed on and Kate went for a run.

So at 5 o’clock I went over, em, to meet the kids and Kate came back from her running.

Madeleine looked really tired. She was really pale and quite washed out.

We decided to take them straight back to the apartment. And just before six I then headed off back to play tennis and left Kate to get them ready.

10:29 Bedtime for the children

Gerald swallowed bravely as he walked toward the floor

but the lions saw him coming and they soon began to roar.

Again, it’s quite a nice memory really. Madeleine was sitting on my knee. Sean and Amelie were alongside.

We’d had a story, and Madeleine asked if she could put my engagement ring on, which she did quite a bit. So, she had that on. Yeah, it was just a, a really nice moment really. And then Gerry got back pretty prompt at seven.

They were sitting all on the couch together. And all had their jammys on. They had their milk.

We sat on Madeleine’s bed and we had a story. And then, Gerry came through and we kind of put the twins into their travel cots they were sleeping in and said goodnight.

We’d a ground floor apartment and the window had a shutter on it outside that was right down. And, eh, the window was closed and we had curtains right across. So it was nice and dark in the room.

As always just close the door not right over but just so it was open a little bit so that the light from the living room would get through. And I have to say it was quiet within seconds I think they are all just so tired, fell asleep.


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