P-Madeleine Crimewatch 2013

Crimewatch é um programa que aparece uma vez por mês na televisão BBC.

Nela, as forças policiais britânicas fazer apelos ao público com informações para ajudar nos casos em que estão trabalhando.

O público é dado provas, como imagens de vídeo, fotografias, descrições e retratos robô. O programa tem uma equipe especial criada para atender chamadas telefônicas na noite da transmissão. Outros métodos de entrar em contato com a polícia são dadas, para que as informações podem ser fornecidas após a equipe especial programa demitiu-se.

Crimewatch oferece uma promessa de anonimato para os chamadores. Seus dados pessoais não são liberados em qualquer ponto na investigação ou em um julgamento, se um ocorre.

Muitos dos crimes mostrados na Crimewatch foram progrediu devido a este fluxo de informação pública.

Em outubro de 2013, Crimewatch apelou para a ajuda em um número considerável de casos. No entanto, cerca de metade do programa de uma hora de duração foi dedicado a uma reconstrução do caso Madeleine McCann. Os McCann fornecida informação de fundo e apareceu ao vivo no estúdio Crimewatch. O DCI no comando da Operação Grange, o esforço para encontrar Madeleine McCann, foi DCI Andy Redwood. Ele também apareceu no programa para revelar o progresso no caso, e para pedir ajuda com um número de linhas de investigação.

Um equivalente de Crimewatch foi exibido na Alemanha, Irlanda e Holanda. A BBC Crimewatch em Inglês poderia ser pego em Portugal por aqueles com acesso a canais britânicos.

Não havia equivalente a Crimewatch mostrado em Portugal, em Português, por qualquer um dos canais de televisão portugueses. Não houve recurso no prazo de Portugal, em Português, para obter ajuda no caso de Madeleine McCann.

A parte do outubro 2013 Crimewatch que se relaciona com o caso de Madeleine McCann está no YouTube, em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EyqHtsLeGQ Como este é em Inglês, é de uso limitado para alguém que nâo é proficiente em Inglês.

Eu não estou ciente de uma transcrição do programa, em Inglês ou em Português. Uma transcrição faria o programa disponível para quem não fala inglês.

YouTube tem um recurso de legenda automática. Ele coloca as legendas no vídeo na linguagem do vídeo, neste caso, em Inglês. É o botão que se parece com um envelope. No entanto, esse recurso é de qualidade muito variável.

Aqui está um trecho, em Inglês, de Kate McCann realização de uma verificação às 10h no dia 3 de maio de 2007 e descobrir que Madeleine estava faltando.

I’m I got to the next check at honest statements are headed back to the

apartment the usual routes


I just the stop to listen to the live in a refurb and it was all quiet

but just caught my eye that the children’s store was quite

the far open and at that point I thought was to be my much acting he’s

laughter pentium I was just John

over it it was like been caught need to scan

slam shocks was in at that point me that kind of a printer adapter locked into

the name

and I was

mom’s Pakistan’s looking at Madeleine’s bad I couldn’t

couldn’t make it now said

and then I realized she’s not im not bad for our onto she spoke not countries who

are bad

way she was in an hour bad ok”

E isso é o que parece quando o Google traduziu o Inglês automática, em Português.

Sou eu tenho para o próximo cheque em declarações honestas estão voltando para o

apartamento as rotas habituais


Eu apenas a parada para ouvir a viver em um aspecto e foi tudo tranquilo

mas apenas me chamou a atenção que a loja das crianças foi bastante

o extremo aberto e naquele momento eu pensei que era para ser o meu muito de ator ele é

riso pentium eu era apenas John

sobre ele era como foi pego necessidade de digitalizar

choques Slam estava em naquele momento me que tipo de adaptador de impressora trancado em

o nome

e eu estava

do Paquistão da mãe olhando ruim que eu não podia de Madeleine

não poderia fazer isso agora, disse

e então eu percebi que ela não está não sou mau para a nossa para que ela não falava países que

são ruins

forma como ela foi em uma hora ruim ok”

Para ultrapassar este problema, vou postar uma cópia completa e precisa da transcrição Inglês neste blog ShiningInLuz, assim que eu construí uma.

Eu também irá publicar uma versão em Português. Eu não sou proficiente em Português, embora eu possa sarna para traduzir um pouco melhor do que o Google.

Ficaria muito grato por comentários sobre potenciais erros ou melhorias sugeridas.


6 thoughts on “P-Madeleine Crimewatch 2013

  1. Shining Luz, I appreciate a lot your transcription of Crimewatch, I was about to do it for my blog, it saved me time, many, many thanks.
    I don’t think that Portuguese people need a translation in Portuguese. Very few people are interested in this case that only brought negative reactions and feelings to that country. Anyhow, all Portuguese understand written English, because all have English for at least 5 years at school. When people tell you that they don’t speak English, don’t believe them, they do, but if they’re not speaking perfect Oxbridge English, they’ll deny being able.
    May I suggest Pamalam to publish your transcription of Crimewatch (with due credit) ?
    From Lisbon, regards !
    Anne Guedes

    • Anne,

      Thank you for replying.

      I have asked MiscarriageOfJustice to start a foreign language sub-forum, with the aim of putting material out that is unknown in many countries where English is not the first language.

      Please feel free to copy the transcript. The whole reason I did it was to make it more available. But please note, however, that I am working on a ‘tidy’ version, one that removes some of the more difficult English, in order to get a version that will auto-translate fairly well into any language in the world, so you may wish to wait a week or so.

      I don’t think that Portuguese people WANT or DESIRE a translation in Portuguese, but that is a different matter. There are Portuguese people who would struggle with a transcript in English. I know because I’ve met several in my time in Portugal. I doubt strongly that a Portuguese transcript will produce a response, but oddly it has nothing to do with people being disinterested. The delay in producing (producing as opposed to publishing) the Smith sighting e-fits means they are almost certainly useless.

      I will try Pamalam if MiscarriageOfJustice declines my request.

      Finally, would you be kind enough to let me know how to find your blog. I was aware OF you before this, but I was not aware you wrote a blog. I would appreciate a pointer.

      From Luz with thanks,

      PS Oui, je parle Francais, un peu.

  2. Hi SIL !
    I’m not sure I understood what you meant by “Portuguese people not wanting a translation in Portuguese”. The oral English of Crimewatch is rather basic (accents are a different matter), it’s not forbidden to correct an inevitable syntax error here and there to suppress any eventual ambiguity.
    The Portuguese, imo, are not interested, they’ve been humiliated and did bear it as long as they believed the little girl could be found, but now common sense tells them that she’s either well (and let it be) or much more likely dead. They’re not even interested in Gonçalo Amaral’s fate, will he have or not to pay that exorbitant amount ?
    The AG report might change, but now it is the only authority and it says that the crime wasn’t determined, and the Portuguese stick to that (so do I). Hence they feel denigrated when they read a tabloid or watch an interview in which Madeleine was abducted (I find it abusive too).
    But I agree very much that something should be done concerning the many (some unbelievable) mistakes in the Portuguese reconstitution. This is why I reviewed this documentary adding notes (in French)
    But also something should be done concerning Crimewatch, that had a series of mistakes or rather of omissions.
    Therefore I think that a critical review, in English, of the documents would be useful. My blog is almost never visited, it’s not its purpose however, I store there the matter I need for the book I’m writing.
    Take care,

    • From what I have seen, there is still interest in Portugal in the Madeleine McCann case, as your CMTV link shows.

      What I am not getting is that Portuguese people think anything other than the McCanns did it, whatever that ‘did it’ might be.

      Further, I get the impression that the Portuguese people are heartily sick of the UK view that the Portuguese investigation was incompetent, lazy, botched or whatever, and of the UK idea that Scotland Yard will boldly go where the Portuguese authorities should have gone in the first place, thus showing how backward Portugal supposedly is.

      Hence a Portuguese transcript of Crimewatch 2013 will probably disappear without trace. But it is worth a shot.

      I am aware of a series of errors in Crimewatch 2013. After your comment, I am trying to think what was omitted. If you wish to bring these up, I will build them into the simplified Crimewatch transcript I am working on.

      Best wishes with your book. If you can give a general idea of where it will go, without giving too much away, I am by nature extremely curious.


  3. Ok, SIL, I’m working on the critical analysis of Crimewatch, thanks to your transcription. Be patient, one day or two !
    I’m aware of the Portuguese mistakes, they have to be told, and (partly) explained.
    I understand how Portuguese people can feel, I’ve been living in this country for 35 years ! This is for them that I’m writing a book. Just establishing facts, anybody will make their own opinion. I do have mine, as anybody has, but I’m not revealing it in order to not influence in any way.
    GA wasn’t the best cast, but this at least was not his fault. The toughest person the MCs had to face was Luis Neves, not GA.
    Have a nice week-end and congratulations for your grand child, lucky lady !

    • Thank you, Anne, that was a particularly nice reply.

      I know that Crimewatch made lots of errors.

      From a simple error, where the McCanns turn up at the Ocean Club, with a double-buggy that they did not have. If they had such a buggy, perhaps they would have used the Millennium more, instead of the Tapas. Without a buggy, 5A to the Millennium is a tough walk with 3 kids under 4.

      To a horrendous error. Smithman passed Martin Smith then headed east toward the sea. Except that he did not. Instead, he turned up on Aoife’s left, heading towards her. And Aoife’s is clear she cannot help beyond that.

      I have been racking my brains to come up with what this incident would have been like in the UK. Here is my best shot (short version)
      1. Conference of blah-blah in Leicester in England, attracting speakers from all over the world, with a strong US contingent (replace that with Russians if you prefer different ‘baddies’).
      2. Towards the end of the week, one of the children of the speakers goes missing. The place goes ballistic. The US press, and the rest of the world’s media, camp out in Rothley, Leicestershire.
      3. Things are not done the way the FBI, the CIA, the NSA would have done them, therefore it is easy to criticise the English police.

      I don’t know what you mean by Portuguese mistakes. If you mean Amaral, he got caught up in something that nobody in the world could have controlled.

      I can understand Portuguese sentiment. They (Portugal) got vilified at the time.

      As Luz is to this day.

      On a much more pleasant note, it has been decided that the little one shall be called Jake. I look forward to seeing Mr Jake grow up and having adventures with him.

      Good night Anne.

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