ShiningInLuz and Madeleine in Portuguese

On 15th July 2015, this ShiningInLuz blog hit 10,000 views.

Yesterday, 16 Sep 2015, ShiningInLuz hit 15,000 views, 479 comments and has now been viewed from 66 countries.

Most of those views are from English speakers, whether English is their first language or not.

A small number of viewers are using automatic translators, such as Google, to get the results they want.

Moving forward, there appears to be a gap for articles originating in English to be covered in Portuguese.

This has been highlighted by two events.  The transmission of Crimewatch in October 2013, which although covered in countries such as Germany and Holland, has never been covered adequately in Portugal.  And the transmission of a CMTV special on Madeleine (Reconstituçao da noite em que Maddie desparaceu), in Portugal, shortly after the Crimewatch programme.

Crimewatch had a fair few errors in it.  The CMTV reconstruction of Madeleine’s disappearance is replete with errors.

Put simply, the Portuguese people are being starved of quality information on key issues, such as the current OG focus on Smithman, whilst they are being fed a sloppy diet purporting to be accurate.

This does not seem to be a way to advance the search for what happened to Madeleine.

I need to do a bit more checking, in Portuguese, to verify my understanding.  If this impression holds up to scrutiny, the next major development on ShiningInLuz will be to enable certain items that exist only in English to appear on the Internet in Portuguese, thus making them available to Portuguese speakers who do not understand English.

This will not be a copy of every post on ShiningInLuz.  Most of these are based on the PJ Files, which are already available in Portuguese, so there is no point in re-translating them.

If this idea takes off, such posts will be entitled and tagged with P-Madeleine.


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