Madeleine – Golden hours – Gerry McCann

Gerry McCann made 3 statements, dated 4 May, 10 May and a third as arguido on 7 Sep 2007.

Kate raised the alarm around 10:10 to 10:15. The group went to apartment 5A and Gerry searched it.

He lowered the shutter, went outside, and found he could raise the shutter from outside.

The group searched the Tapas area.

Gerry asked Matthew to go to Tapas reception to phone the authorities.

The group searched around adjacent apartment blocks.

In his third statement, Gerry was asked why they (Gerry and Kate McCann) did not take part in the searches that were being conducted. He said it did not happen like that – he had gone to 24 hour reception to check if they had called the police (asking Kate to stay in 5A), before returning to apartment 5A and remaining there.

His second and third statements also give the timing for a couple of key events. Gerry was told of the Tannerman sighting at around 1pm on 4 May 2007 by Russell O’Brien, Jane Tanner’s partner. And Gerry says that he was the one to hand photographs of Madeleine to the police, and that he did not hand them to the GNR, thus this handover occurred after the PJ arrived.

So both of these events happened after the Golden Hours had passed.


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