Madeleine – Golden hours – Amy Tierney

Amy Tierney was the supervisor of the Baby Club and of the group Madeleine was in, the Mini Club.

Amy says she was on duty that night, and the only ‘duty’ required by the Ocean Club was the Ocean Club night crèche, one would assume she was in the 24 hour reception area. However, in a second statement, Amy would state that she worked on a desk in the Tapas bar. She also appears to have been one of or the most senior member of staff on duty.

Without stating how she found out, Amy immediately went to apartment 5A and entered via the patio door. She search the apartment to make sure that Madeleine was not hiding.

Then Amy’s statement is vague, saying that outside searches were initiated, without saying what the time was or who did what.

Amy says Gerry McCann went to reception to get the police called as soon as the child’s disappearance had occurred, and that 20 minutes had passed since then. This does not tally with Kate’s book Madeleine, in which Gerry visited the Mini Club to see if Madeleine had gone there.

Lyndsay Johnson, the overall supervisor of the childcare facilities, stated that she was called by Amy Tierney, and that the missing child procedure was started around 9:25pm. Amy Tierney does not mention calling Lyndsay.

Around a year later, Amy gave a second statement to clarify where the photos of Madeleine distributed that night originated. She was at her desk in the Tapas bar when Russell O’Brien wanted to get photographs printed. Amy went to her room, returned with her printer, and made 20-30 copies. She thought this took place around midnight. The Golden Hours had already ended.


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