Madeleine – Golden hours – Lyndsay Johnson

Lyndsay Johnson was the overall supervisor of the kids’ clubs and crèche facilities at the Ocean Club. She was the person who escalated the incident to John Hill, the overall manager of the Ocean Club.

There appear to be timing discrepancies between the statements of Lyndsay and John. This may be due to the dates of the statements – Lyndsay’s was made on 6 May 2007, while John’s was not made until 20 June 2007. However, it could simply be that the translations do not mesh well.

Lyndsay stated she was at home on 3 May 2007 when she was informed by Amy Tierney that Madeleine was missing. At around 22:25 she initiated the Mark Warner missing child procedure. John Hill stated he was called by Lyndsay at around 22:28, to be told that Madeleine was missing, that the missing child procedure had begun, and that Madeleine had not been found.

It may be that the times are slightly off here, or it may be that Lyndsay said the missing child procedure had been started as Madeleine could not be found. It seems unlikely that the procedure was run for 3 minutes and that in the absence of results, it was decided to escalate the situation to John Hill.

Lyndsay says the procedure was initiated with 5 employees of the Ocean Club, who were then aided by other employees, guests and locals. This is at odds with John Hill’s statement of 100 people searching when he turned up 5 minutes after he was phoned.

This discrepancy is important. Whereas 100 people could search Luz very rapidly, 5 teams would take much longer, and the Golden Hours were ticking by.

Lyndsay does not mention John Hill at all. There is no mention of phoning him, John arriving, and John helping to supervise the structured search.

Lyndsay does not recall at what time the police turned up.

Lyndsay gives only the briefest hint of how the missing child search worked geographically. Luz was divided into 3, those being the northern zone of the resort, the central zone (the rest of the zone), and all the paths and roads of the resort that ended in Luz.

This is a very odd description, but it suggests that the procedure searched only the Ocean Club areas of Luz, not the whole of the town. Smithman was outside the Ocean Club limits, so some clarification would be useful.


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