Madeleine – Golden hours – John Hill

John Hill was the overall manager of the Ocean Club, and although he was at the heart of the action, his statement is dated 20 June 2007, so it was over 6 weeks after Madeleine disappeared. One wonders how accurate his memory was after that gap.

John stated that he was called “about 22:28” by Lyndsay Johnson, the supervisor of the kids’ clubs. He arrived on site about 5 minutes later, as Lindsay had said she had initiated the missing child procedure, but the child had not been found. John does not state how he got there or what he saw on the way.

When he arrived at the Ocean Club around 100 people were searching for Madeleine, calling out the child’s name. As the searches did not produce results he became worried.

John went to the Ocean Club 24hr reception to see if the police had been alerted. He does not say where he started from, which route he took or what he saw. He does not say that he was told the police had been called, though receptionist Helder Luis stated he had already called the police before John Hill turned up, and called a second time when John arrived.

15 minutes later, John went to apartment 5A, and Kate and Gerry were there. John does not say which route he took, or what he saw.

He thought the GNR arrived on the scene around 22:45, but as he was occupied, he was not certain of the time. As the first call to the GNR was at 10:41, his time estimates are clearly off.

Along with Lyndsay, he co-ordinated the search area, to make sure the same area was not searched twice, given that the search area was extensive. There is no indication of which areas were searched. If 100 people were involved, it should have been able to cover the whole of Luz in 15-20 minutes. There is nothing to indicate it happened this way. The Mark Warner search operation continued until around 4:30am on 4 May 2007.


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