Madeleine – Golden hours – OC 24hr reception

Helder Luis was working as a receptionist in the Ocean Club 24 hour reception on the evening of 3 May 2007.

According to his statement, a colleague in the Tapas area contacted him and informed him that the daughter of some guests who were dining there had disappeared. He thought this occurred between 9:30 and 10.

He immediately telephoned the GNR in Lagos. Shortly after this, John Hill and the child’s father arrived at reception, and he telephoned the GNR again.

He then telephoned Vitor Santos, the head of reception, to inform him.

Helder makes no mention of 2 prior visits by Matthew Oldfield requesting the police be called, nor Gerry McCann checking in the crèche to see if Madeleine had gone there.

Helder’s timing appears to be out by at least 40 minutes.

Helder says he handed over to Eliseu Viana at midnight, and Eliseu confirms this.

Eliseu appears to have travelled to work by car, as he passed apartment 5A at around 11:55pm on 3 May 2007 and noticed many people, but he did not find out that a girl was missing until he was at the Ocean Club 24hr reception, where he was informed of the situation.

Eliseu states that he travelled down Rua Dr Francisco Gentil Martens, past the Tapas reception. He did not notice anything unusual, but he does not say in detail what he did see. There is no mention of police vehicles.

Elimination of those Ocean Club 24hr receptionists who were not at work around the period of 10pm to 12 midnight on 3 May 2007 leaves only the two covered above i.e. Helder Luis and Eliseu Viana. Helder was on the evening shift from 4pm to midnight, and Eliseu was on the morning shift from midnight to 8am the next day.

That in turn means there was only one receptionist on duty when Matthew Oldfield states he twice asked for police to be called. That was Helder Luis, who stated his reason for calling the GNR was that a colleague in the Tapas area requested it.


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