Madeleine – Golden hours – Matthew Oldfield

Kate’s book “Madeleine” says Gerry asked Matthew Oldfield at around 10:10pm to go to the Ocean Club 24hr reception and phone the police.

Matthew made 3 statements, and does not mention this crucial step in his first two. In his 3rd statement, he depicts the group as running round like headless chickens, and he stated that the search had to be more organised. Matthew thinks it was Fiona Payne who asked him to go to reception and ask to call the police, and indeed that is what he did. However, the receptionist seemed fairly relaxed about events, and Matthew did not press for a call to police, and none was made while Matthew was there. Matthew returned to apartment 5A thinking that things were surreal and hoping that Madeleine had returned i.e. at this point in time Matthew was not committed to an abduction scenario.

Another element in Kate’s book relevant to Matthew is that, upon first going with Kate to 5A after Madeleine’s disappearance, the men split into pairs and conducted a search around adjacent apartment blocks. Matthew’s statements do not mention this, and give the impression of a high degree of disorder.

Matthew went to the Millennium restaurant, on the basis that Madeleine had eaten there. From there he went to the beach before returning to apartment 5A. There is no detail of the routes he took, what he saw, and whether he spoke to anyone.

Matthew’s 3rd statement says that at some time he returned to Ocean Club 24hr reception, and that he thinks the receptionist called Mark Warner staff. Once more there is a lack of detail regarding this action.

Around 10:35, Matthew went back to the Ocean Club reception to find out why the police had not arrived. Either Gerry went with him or followed shortly afterwards.

The police would be called for the first time at 10:41. By that time Matthew records two previous visits to reception to ask them to call the police, while Gerry had previously visited the mini-club above 24hr reception, apparently not bothering to check if the police had been called.

If Madeleine was abducted just minutes before Kate’s discovery, an abductor now had a head start of around 45mins. On foot at normal walking pace, that equates to a range of 3 miles.


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