Madeleine – Witness 11 – Dec 2014

The final witness I shall call Witness 11. The information about Witness 11 consists of meagre scraps in the media, combined with a fair deal of speculation on the Internet.

The media made Witness 11 female, and in the UK at the time of the Dec 2014 round of interviews by Scotland Yard in Faro. Beyond this, even the media speculated about what was happening with this lady.

Witness 11 has a name, but I have no intention of naming her. This is for the simple reason that while I believe I know who she is, I do not know what her involvement in the case is, nor when she became involved. Hence, going beyond this point is deep into the land of speculation.

Witness 11 does not turn up if the PJ Files that have been made public. This could be because she turns up in a part of the files that have been expunged. Equally, it could be that she is simply not in the files, and turned up later e.g. due to the Crimewatch 2013 appeal, or any route after the files were archived around Aug 2008.

If Witness 11appears in the parts of the files that were expunged, several alternatives are possible. It could be that she provided information to the PJ that started up a line of diligence that was later expunged. Or that she provided interim evidence, or an alibi, and that was later expunged.

While if Witness 11 appeared after the PJ investigation was archived, the issue is exactly the same.

We haven’t got a solid understanding of why Witness 11 entered onto the Scotland Yard radar, hence the speculation.

The BBC at the time said the woman was in the UK, and that when she returned to Portugal, detectives from Scotland Yard would fly out and re-interview her. Well, by Aug 2015 there hasn’t been a media furore about this happening, so I am going to suggest it hasn’t.

The relevant International Letter Of Request appeared to list 11 witnesses. That is what anyone would do if one wished to interview 11 witnesses. There is no point in naming 10 and hoping for the best. But if the opportunity arose to interview Witness 11 in the UK presented itself, would I stick to the ILOR, and insist that witness 11 fly herself back to Portugal, so that I could fly back to Faro? Thence to sit through the PJ putting the questions in Portuguese, the interpreter translating to English, Witness 11 answering in English, the interpreter translating into Portuguese, and the PJ typing it up. Isn’t that a definition of tortuous?

Here’s a quick summary. Witness 11 appears to be involved because of a connection to one of the other witnesses. The precise nature of that connection is unknown, both with relation to content, and to timing.


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