Madeleine – Michael Green

The penultimate interviewee in December 2014 is quite uncertain according to the media, so I need to make it clear at the start that I am into the land of speculation.

Michael Anthony Green is named in the summary report which led to the closing of the PJ Files. The gist of it is that Tasmin Sillence saw a man twice observing apartment 5A, and she helped to draw up an e-fit.


The report says that after performing due diligence, Michael Green was cleared of involvement in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The sections of the PJ Files relevant to how Michael Green was first suspected, then tracked, then cleared, have been expunged. They form part of the files not made public.

So, a brief summary. 1) Michael Green might or might not have been interviewed in December 2014. 2) A Michael Anthony Green was investigated by the PJ, but was noted as cleared in the summary report. 3) The diligences with respect to Michael Green were long, around 90+ pages of the files, according to the summary report.

Their is nothing to suggest that anyone was made an arguido in December 2014, so if Michael Green was interviewed, one assumes his status was witness.

Tasminman has turned up already in the list of witnesses. He is a potential connection between laundry worker Mário Marreiros and Neil Berry. This is the sighting of a man with sunglasses in the stairwell of block 5 on 3 May 2007. He is not a very good connection, as Tasmin made the e-fit person one of slim build, whilst Mário went for stocky.

If Michael Green was on the list of those interviewed as witnesses in Dec 2014 it is further evidence that Scotland Yard was still trying to cover every available option.


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