Madeleine – Luís António Dec 2014

Luís Filipe Duarte António

His first statement is dated 14 May 2007, the day that Robert Murat was made an arguido.

He had 3 vehicles, a 1990 Nissan Patrol, a dark blue VW Passat, and a yellow Renault Kangoo.

He was married to Michaela Walczuch in 1995 and had an 8 year old daughter.

However, Michaela had moved out to have an affair in 2003, but then returned to look after their daughter. They lived separate lives in the same house and had started divorce proceedings.

Luís knew Michaela and Robert were working on a joint business venture and allowed Robert to come to the house to discuss it. Luís also knew that Robert was getting divorced.

He knew that Robert was helping the police as an interpreter in the Madeleine McCann case.

At this point he did not think Michaela was in a personal relationship with Robert.

This first statement is another testimony which is about as bland as it gets.

Luís António made a second statement on 24 May 2007.

This time he agreed to let the police take photos of him. Presumably this was for elimination purposes. A few people had come forward with e-fits. Neither a Smithman sketch nor a Tannerman sketch was in existence at the time.

Here is Luís’ passport photo. Personally, I cannot see any resemblance to any of the potential ‘suspects’ or e-fits, but please make your own mind up on this one.

He had worked at the Ocean Club cleaning pools for a while. When Michaela became pregnant, he missed work a few times and Silvia Batista let him go. He now cleaned 37 or 38 pools in the area, and St James (a complex in Luz near Estrela da Luz).

He had a fairly busy schedule on 2 May, all either to the east of Lagos or in Lagos itself.

Work on 3 May was in Lagos.

He had cleaned the Murat pool once.

He stated he was not in the Ocean Club complex on 2 or 3 May.

Asked about his phone calls, he said it was common for him to be in touch with clients, suppliers and family.

The PJ Files indicate that Luís António´s phones were intercepted from 18 May, so there must have been something significant to trigger that.

The question is what did anyone think was significant? Enough for a house search, vehicles search, two statements, phone interception and (I believe) a place in the Martin Grime and Eddie search.

Then after all that an excursion to Faro in Dec 2014 to get interviewed for a third occasion, this time by Scotland Yard.

This man had a tenuous connection to Robert Murat, who was made an arguido, then had said status dropped. This is not smoking gun territory.


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