Madeleine – Michaela Walczuch Dec 2014

Michaela Walczuch gave her first statement on 14 May 2007, the day that Robert Murat was made an arguido. On the same date her home in Lagos was searched, along with two vehicles belonging to the family.

She gave a further statement on 16 May 2007, and a third on 23 May 2007.

In November 2007, Metodo 3 passed information to the PJ that a woman was seen passing a bundle over a metal fence to a man on the other side. The lorry driver involved in this lead wished to remain anonymous. The sighting occurred on the IC1, which appears to be the road from Lisbon to Porto. When Metodo 3 put photos in front of the lorry driver, he picked out Michaela Walczuch as being the nearest match to the woman.

By 21 Nov 2007, the PJ had identified the truck driver as Manuel Gautier, and got further information. The sighting occurred on 4 May 2007 between 15:00 and 17:00, and the woman was standing next to a grey Audi.

The only Audi I can think of in the Madeleine McCann tale is the silver Audi A4 belonging to Sergey Malinka. This is the one that was in the line-up of 10 cars checked by Martin Grime and Eddie. Thereafter it got fire-bombed with the word ‘FALA’ spray-painted beside it.

The police used phone traffic identification to rule out Michaela Walczuch, Sergey Malinka, Robert Murat, and Luis Antonio (Michaela’s husband at the time).

If, from this lot, you can fathom a reason as to why Scotland Yard re-interviewed Michael Walczuch as a witness in December 2014, you have a much better insight than I do.

The one and only interpretation I can put on this is that it is still a very early stage in the investigation. It is beginning to look like DCI Andy Redwood was having the equivalent of a retirement party, in the sense of gathering reams of information that would keep Operation Grange fully occupied for months after he left and DCI Nicola Wall stepped in.


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