Madeleine – John Hill

John Elliot Hill, manager of the Ocean Club, is the first of the witnesses in December 2014 that makes obvious sense.

Despite featuring in the action on the night of 3 May 2007 and appearing the news thereafter, he was not interviewed formally by the PJ until 20 June 2007. It is not surprising that after 7 weeks had elapsed his statement is sometimes vague. What is surprising is that he stated that he was called by the head of the childcare services, Lyndsay Johnson, at around 10:28pm. She told him that a female child staying at the resort had disappeared.

Quite what the relationship of Donna Rafferty-Hill, supposedly head of childcare services, with Lyndsay Johnson, supposedly head of childcare services, is unclear.

For John Hill, there are obvious questions concerning that night and the period leading up to it.

If Scotland Yard really is pursing a burglary theory, then establishing how many reports there were of thefts from Ocean Club property is obvious.

Control of the keys would be scrutinised, as would security over the IT system of the complex, and the Ocean Club procedures.

Since the structured search was one of the first attempts to find Madeleine, getting details of precisely how it worked and what area was searched seems another potential area of interest.

While these topics make sense, they do not suggest that Scotland Yard is nearing the end of a journey. Rather, they suggest that Operation Grange is still in an early phase.

John Hill is on Donna Rafferty-Hill’s Facebook page, but he does not appear to be on Facebook himself.

Below is a January 2014 of John Hill (on the right) at the front in Luz, with a friend. The pair appeared in a local newspaper to announce that they had established an annual triathlon in Luz. The triathlon takes place around 25 April (a bank holiday) each year and raises money for charity.

This blog contains a photo report on the Luz triathlon of April 2015.

John Hill on R Jan 2014 Luz Triathlon


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